3 simple relaxation techniques

3 simple relaxation techniques
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Disclaimer: This article was written from the perspective of a spiritual advisor who has been labeled a psychic medium, someone good at guided meditations and an intuitive coach. The author is not a doctor, nurse, or sponsored by any medical institution. In medical situations, please contact your trusted doctor.

When I meet with clients for spiritual consultations, my role at times is to help people return to an inner sense of spiritual balance so they can hear their inner voice.

With all the messages coming in from seemingly every direction, anyone can get caught up in listening to all the outer shoulds and should-nots of the world to the point where they can no longer hear the voice of their soul.

In my experience, when working with others in spiritual counseling, stopping to hear your soul’s voice creates a sense of imbalance and confusion, which can lead to feelings often opposed to relaxation.

So sometimes the first step I take in my work with others is to help people relax. When you are relaxed it is easy to hear your soul’s voice because you feel safe and comfortable.

Being in a relaxed state of mind is important for hearing the soul and also for hearing the voice of the spirit, whatever that is for you.

When you are relaxed and at ease, your soul feels secure in its body and therefore at home and able to express itself freely to you and everyone around you.

When you are relaxed and at ease it is also much easier for the voice of Spirit to come through – for when you feel Spirit’s presence, just allow what you are experiencing to be okay and accept it, welcome it.

Being relaxed is key in spiritual counseling as it helps me to hear what a client is really saying and it helps the client to hear what I’m really saying without making us feel safe and trusting of each other.

For this reason, reaching the relaxed, relaxed, and open point is often the first step in my work as a spiritual advisor, psychic medium, or intuitive coach, whatever you choose to call my work.

Also, as an empath, I am asked myself how I get to a point where I can focus on my own work and business and relax with “everything that is happening”.

So below I want to share with you three simple relaxation techniques that work for me and that I have no hesitation in sharing with others.

Each of these techniques can be performed in under five minutes and can promote a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

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1 – Four part breath

Sit or stand in a comfortable, relaxed position with your hands resting beside you, palm up. Close your eyes. Inhale as you mentally count to four. Exhale while counting to four in your mind.

Repeat this inhale-exhale cycle four times.

Open your eyes, shake out your arms and shoulders, resume your life.

2 – Hover over the visualization

Find a comfortable, safe place to sit and close your eyes.

Take three inhales and exhales.

Imagine your soul walking outside of your body on an empty platform next to a friendly, talkative blue dragon who is your spirit guide.

Climb onto the back of your dragon spirit guide. Now imagine your dragon spirit guide rising flight and circling over your present life.

Now imagine you and your kite handler soaring above your circumstances.

Ask your kite handler to give you an idea to balance the current circumstances.

Listen to what you hear or see in your mind and feel in your body. Once you feel a reaction, see your kite handler fly you back to the platform and imagine your soul returning to your body.

Open your eyes, write down what you got as an answer.

3 – Hand infuser essential oils

Take your favorite essential oil* and place three to four drops of the oil in the palm of your hand.

Roll the oil around in your palm for a few seconds, then rub both palms together.

Bring your hands together over your nose and gently place your palms over the tip of your nose, bringing the tips of your fingers together at the bridge of your nose.

Close your eyes and take 7-10 deep breaths.

Open your eyes. Release your hands from the tent position and rub the remaining oil onto your earlobes, neck or chest.

*If a drop comes out more than planned, it’s ok, just let it be. If your favorite oil is almost empty, just try a new one. If you don’t already have a favorite essential oil, try a woody scent like cypress, a citrus scent like bergamot, or a floral scent like lavender. My personal favorite right now is Hinoki, a type of cypress. In general, I love all tree oils.

Photo of blue swirls by Artem Podrez on Pexels

Try one of these methods.

Sometimes, after trying one of these methods, I bring my hand to my heart and I ask myself (my soul), What is the next most important thing for me to do?

This gives me the opportunity to realign my focus by listening to myself first and then all other voices, which retrains the self to put you above everything.

One of the reasons I focus on myself first and not the needs of others after a relaxation meditation is that I have learned the importance of doing this by giving many readings of Spirit to others over the years have.

Through delivering messages to others from the spirit world, however you choose to define it, I have learned that people want and deserve happiness, and Spirit wants people to be happy, and they actively guide those who care for them to this happiness.

One of the reasons people are unhappy, according to the spirit world and people’s spirit loved ones, is that they don’t put their own happiness and needs first. They don’t spend time figuring out what brings them joy. They don’t identify their favorite foods. They don’t decide what kind of shoes and shirts they like best. They spend all their time helping others to do this.

You place a high value on making others happy and content, which is brave and noble, but as we know, sometimes it’s impossible.

For years many of my readings were simply the departed loved ones of humans and angels coming through and teaching people how to focus on themselves, put themselves first and find happiness.

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you can only take care of yourself now and everyone else you love can take care of themselves — it just means you’re making yourself a part of the equation.

These relaxation exercises are mini ways for you to connect with your own soul and spirit, so by ending with the question, What’s the next important thing for me? It gives you a fresh start with what really matters – and that is you and your happiness.

When you do that, the feeling of lightness often lasts beyond the five minutes we shared above.

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