3 ways to experience wonders in everyday life

3 ways to experience wonders in everyday life
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Wonder is the feeling of awe and inspiration with the world around us. Some describe it as child-like pleasure and admiration for the natural state of the world.

It is a positive feeling that can permeate the body when you experience it. The benefit of the exclamation is that it gives you a chance to slow down, pause and experience the momentary magic that is happening every minute around you right now.

The good news about wondering, and any feeling about it, is that you can connect to it on purpose using specific intellectual techniques.

Feeling more admirable can increase your level of daily happiness and the joy your daily experiences bring. Wonder can take an ordinary drive to the grocery store and turn it into a transcendent event.

It is all about aligning your brain to perceive and search for more questions and here are three ways to do it –

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1 – A marvel of modern technology

How cool are cell phones? We can communicate through airborne waves with anyone in an instant. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla will be jubilant.

What about the music? Radio, and now YouTube, gives you access to material that lets you enjoy a symphony while running errands, if you want to — unheard of even 100 years ago for most people.

2 – “I will find awe in the things around me today.”

Start the day with this affirmation, then intend to see the beauty and awe all around you. You’ll see it, perhaps in some things that were previously taken for granted or that went unnoticed.

3 – Think of one thing you really wanted and it worked

You knew it was going to happen, you knew it was only a matter of time, and then it happened.

Remember the amazement and happiness you felt when the time came. Imagine this feeling coming into your body.

Inhale and exhale, keep it there. Carry that feeling in your body today.

Violet and white abstract painting image by Mo from Pexels with text 3 ways to experience wonders in everyday life

This is –

These are three simple ways to experience more wonder in your daily life. Wonder allows you to live in greater fear of your surroundings and the nature of the universe, improving your appreciation for the everyday miracles of experiencing – both simple and wonderful.

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