30 Day Self Grounding Challenge – How to stay grounded in reality

30 Day Self Grounding Challenge - How to stay grounded in reality
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Life can be overwhelming

No matter how many hours there are in the day, it ends up feeling like you haven’t accomplished enough, leaving you unbalanced and ungrounded. Not being centered can affect you in a number of ways: you may not sleep well, you may be short-tempered, or you may feel out of control. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to ground yourself every day.

This month I challenge you to a Grounding Challenge. 30 days of taking a few minutes to focus and be still so you can regain your balance. Some of the challenges are short while others take a little more time, but all are worth the time and effort. Let’s begin!

day 1
10 minute breathing exercise

Find a comfortable place to sit and set the alarm for 10 minutes. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and close your eyes. Start with a nice, long, deep breath – fill your lungs full. Hold this breath for five seconds and then release it. Notice how your chest rises and falls as you inhale and exhale. Notice any part of your body that’s tight and with each breath, imagine that area becoming looser and less strained. When the timer goes off, slowly open your eyes and take one last breath before starting your day.

day 2
Create a playlist

Music can pick you up when you’re down, energize you, make you cry and even touch you in a spiritual way. Creating a playlist is now so easy that you can create one for every mood and situation.

day 3
Take a hot bath

After a long and hectic day, nothing feels better than a long, hot bath or shower. There is something about warm water that can instantly calm us down and bring us back in the moment instead of projecting and losing our focus.

day 4
Dance to your favorite song

You’ve already created a playlist, now you’re going to put it into operation. Pick your favorite song and break out those dance moves. Being grounded doesn’t always mean staying still and meditative, it can also include physical activities that bring you joy.

day 5
Restart an old hobby

We all have hobbies and interests that we put aside because life gets in the way of life in its own way. See which hobbies from your past still pique your interest and revive them.

day 6
Imagine the face of someone you love

Visualize her face or imagine the sound of her voice. This is a great way to bring the energy of someone you love into your life when you need or want them the most.

day 7
Try the 5-4-3-2-1 method

Work backwards from five and use your senses to list things you notice around you. For example, you might start by listing five things you see, then four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and end with one thing you can taste.

day 8
tactile time

Hold your hand under warm water and feel the water flow over your hands and fingers. Dry your hand and feel the roughness of the towel as it’s wiped over your hand. Spread the lotion on your hands and watch it sink in.

day 9
Diary for 15 minutes

Writing down your thoughts can be difficult at first, but it has so many benefits, both in the short and long term. Don’t worry about punctuation or getting everything “right,” just write about where you are, the dream you had last night, or maybe something you’re looking forward to in the near future. This is something you can do on a regular basis if you want, but don’t feel like you have to write every day.

day 10
Recite a favorite poem or song lyrics

Concentrate on the words as they flow and the images they create in your mind.

day 11
Practice self-love

Repeat kind, compassionate phrases to yourself. You can say them either out loud or silently in your head. Give yourself a break when you feel you have fallen short on a task or endeavor.

day 12
Blanket Burrito and Comfort Snuggles

Blankets and cuddly toys are no longer just for children. Wrapping up like a taco while holding onto a pillow or other object can help us restore feelings of safety and love, and who doesn’t want to feel like this?

day 13
Get a Worry Stone

Worry stones are smooth stones that often have a small indentation that you can rub when you get anxious. Always choose a stone that you are attracted to and take your time to choose one.

day 14
Put your phone away

This is usually harder than it sounds, but putting the phone down for just 10 minutes can help you reconnect with yourself.

day 15
Plan a reading with your favorite medium

We’re halfway through the month and now is the perfect time to check in with your favorite reader to see how you’re doing and where you’re going next. You can even opt for a new reader using different tools to broaden your web and get a fresh perspective on things.

day 16
Spend time with your pet

They will love the one on one time and it is so relaxing to run your hands over their fur.

day 17
Read a book

And I mean a physical book. Look at the writing and run your fingers across the page. Make it an experience and not just a chore.

day 18
Make a comfort food

Home cooking is a wonderful way to ground yourself because of the memories they evoke and the feelings they evoke. Don’t worry about the calories!

day 19
Light a candle

Enjoying both the scent and the flicker of the flame can have a calming effect.

day 20

Break out the coloring books and crayons or crayons. You can even find adult coloring books now, so grab a few and get creative.

day 21
Go for a walk

Get out into nature and enjoy a leisurely stroll.

day 22
Get your hands dirty

Whether you have a massive garden or just a flower pot, getting your hands in the dirt and planting flowers or vegetables has its rewards, now and in the future.

day 23
Sleep in

Treat yourself to rest. Grab an eye mask so the light doesn’t bother you.

day 24
make you laugh

Tell yourself a hackneyed joke and give yourself a good belly laugh.

day 25
Go through an old photo album

Reminisce about people from your past, events you’ve enjoyed, and trips you’ve taken.

day 26
Watch the sunrise or sunset

Notice the different colors and how they crawl across the sky. Can you see the moon or other planets?

day 27
Listen to the world around you

Just sit with your eyes open or closed and listen to the world around you. Notice how the tones overlap and how the volume changes. Then listen to your breathing pattern blending into the overall sound.

day 28
Use an anchor phrase

Much like a daily mantra can set our mental tone for the day, an anchor phrase can bring us back to a grounded state when we are out of balance.

day 29

Take off your shoes and go outside. Feel the grass, dirt, etc. under your feet and let your energy sink deep into the earth.

day 30
to be among people

Many grounding techniques focus on things we can do on our own, but sometimes you just have to be with other people’s energies to find your center.

balancing the books

Congratulations! You’ve completed a month of grounding and balancing techniques to turn to whenever you need it. What other activities do you use to ground yourself and stay in the moment?

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