4 types of ghosts that become from deceased loved ones

4 types of ghosts that become from deceased loved ones
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What happens to deceased relatives?

When a loved one dies and passes into the spirit realm, it’s quite common to wonder where they’re actually going. And although life and love move on in various forms, people cannot help but speculate as to whether or when they will see their departed companions again, and whether those loved ones will still be interested and involved in the events affecting their living ones experience counterparts.

While spirit mediums can provide the most amazing glimpses of the other side, there is still much to learn about what happens after death. Indeed, the forms that people’s departed loved ones take in spirit as they attempt to reconnect with those still on earth can be as different and varied as those individuals themselves.

However, when it comes to deceased loved ones actively communicating with their living cohorts, there seem to be four main categories into which these spirits fall.

Below is a brief look at these categories, along with some advice that may help you recognize your departed loved ones and their messages:

1. They can become VIP Spirit Guides

Your deceased loved one can become a VIP in your spiritual leadership circle. Sometimes this type of guide is an ancestral spirit, a person who has nurtured, understood, encouraged, and protected you throughout life. When they join your circle of leaders, they usually assume a prominent role. They are with and around you most of the time, subtly helping you with many of your personal problems. They can connect to you in your dreams or through signs in the waking world, such as: B. the use of certain scents, visual cues, songs and even birds and animals. And of course they can be reached through psychic mediums during the readings.

Many ancestral spirits become “gatekeeper” guides, overseeing which spirits are allowed to get through with you during mediumship sessions. Although they are sometimes referred to as “angels,” true angels are an entirely different species. Angels always remain angels, while guides are the spirits of those who once lived a human life on earth and, in some cases, may return to earth in a different incarnation.

2. You can become a “topic leader”.

Your loved one may come to you during difficult times, usually when you are dealing with a specific problem – one they probably helped you with when they were on earth! These are spirit guides who will help you with things like your love life, career path, health or financial challenges. There are even themed guides that focus on things like parenting or cooking tips. Most of the time, they only focus on one or two issues at a time and usually only show up when you have a challenge in that particular area.

This type of guide could also be your dear teacher who will continue to help you learn from the spirit realm. In some situations, you may even be a well-loved manager or boss whose mentoring and encouragement has helped you succeed in your career.

3. They can emerge as members of the animal kingdom

Although spirits do not literally become animals, they often assume animal form so that they can carry messages of comfort, warning, or encouragement. Some common animal forms that your deceased loved one might take are dragonflies, birds, cats and dogs to name a few. Also, if a wild animal appears in your dreams, it could also be a sign that a spirit is visiting you. Her messages are almost always positive and helpful.

4. They occasionally manifest as “ghosts”

It is true that some spirits take a little longer to realize that they have changed. In these cases, they hang around on the earth plane a little longer than most. These spirits are what some people call “ghosts” and they actually inhabit their old homes and neighborhoods and spend time with familiar people and their surroundings. They eventually move into higher spiritual realms, usually when they are fully ready to let go of the earth and continue their soul journey.

How do you support your deceased loved ones?

Maintaining spiritual contact with the people most precious to you even after they have passed can help you live a better life. The wisdom, love, and encouragement they bring through dreams, visions, and other spiritual messages can be immeasurably helpful. They can even provide specific practical advice on random problems you are dealing with here on earth such as: B. where to move, who to marry, and where to focus your time and energy.

A thoroughly trained professional psychic medium can help you receive and interpret these messages clearly and helpfully, especially when you are first learning to communicate with your departed loved ones.

Psychic mediums help you make the connection

Most psychic mediums develop their own preferred methods of connection. However, some commonalities generally include opening with some form of prayer or visualization, breathing deeply, focusing your eyes on a specific point in space, and inviting the “seated” person (you) to join them in the process. That said, it’s okay if the sitter just relaxes. You can just keep an open and expectant mood and let the medium do the work.

Psychic mediums allow spirits to come to them, rather than dictating who gets through and how. The result is reading that is tailored from the other side to be as helpful as possible to the person seeking a message.

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