7 Spiritual Meanings of Wasps – Amanda Linette Meder

7 Spiritual Meanings of Wasps - Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – Pay attention to how your energy affects others

Wasp venom contains pheromones that can cause other wasps to become more aggressive.

If you hit one near their nest or other wasps, you may have a bigger problem than what you originally had.

When wasps appear, it can be a sign that the energy, mood, and/or chemical signals you are projecting are affecting others in your area.

If you can directly see a connection between your mood and the actions of others, you can choose to be more conscientious at this point.

2 – Consider more woman-centric systems in your life

In the wasp world, males do not have the ability to sting. Your job is to mate with the queens and then die. In fact, the only wasps that survive the winter are female wasp queens.

The social system of the wasp is geared towards women. When wasps show up in your life, it can be a confirmation that this is how your life is currently working, or that it is time to start thinking about how to establish a female-centric system in your life.

3 – Defend your nest

Wasps sting to eat, defend themselves and their nests. They often sting humans if they see them as a threat to the nest.

If a wasp shows up in your life, it could be a sign that defensively protecting yourself and your nest from threats could be beneficial.

You may want to anticipate threats and possible countermeasures should these things occur.

4 – Create your own abundance

Paper wasps make their own paper by chewing and spitting out bark, using their saliva to make a pulp, and then using that pulp to build their nest.

People came up with the idea of ​​making their own paper from these wasps, although it didn’t work for a few hundred years.

When a wasp appears, it can be a sign that you have some raw materials nearby that you can use to create a valuable resource, such as: B. a shelter for your family group.

5 – Use multiple pieces of information to draw conclusions

Wasps are logical and have been shown to use two separate pieces of information to make their decisions.

According to the researcher responsible for the study

“…if a wasp saw Jane win a fight with Lisa and that wasp had previously won a fight with Jane, the wasp could conclude that it could probably beat Lisa…”

Since wasps can use this type of abstract thinking to consider possibilities, so can you. If wasps have flown into your life, it may be a sign that you too can use similar information to connect the dots.

6 – Keep pests at bay

Like dragonflies, wasps are regarded as nature’s pest controllers.

They can kill cockroaches and have even been known to kill cancer with a toxin in their venom that eliminates it.

Wasps can be a reminder of the important role of keeping pests to a minimum.

7 – Be proactive

The wasp takes action to support its nest with predators and defend its nest with stab attacks. Wasps can be a sign that you are taking strong action to achieve your goals.

When a wasp appears, it can symbolize that in the moment just thinking about what should happen is not enough – you need to start acting decisively in order to achieve your goals.

To recap, the 7 spiritual messages of the wasp are:

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