7 Spiritual Messages from the Frog – Amanda Linette Meder

7 Spiritual Messages from the Frog - Amanda Linette Meder
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When you see a frog in dreams, art and meditations, it can symbolize:

1 – You are sensitive to changes in your environment

Because of their permeable skin, frogs are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment. In fact, you can track the health of an ecosystem by the number of frogs that can live there.

If a frog has symbolically entered your life, it can be a sign that you too are sensitive to changes in your environment – everything from temperatures to toxins can affect you.

Do your best to keep your internal and external environment healthy by asking the question: What is one way I can take care of myself now?

2 – Look beyond appearance when choosing

In The Frog Prince, a frog approaches a princess and asks for company to break a spell. She treats him with disgust due to his initial appearance, but as it turns out, he really was a prince after all.

The moral of this story is not to look only at outward appearances when seeing what is pure and true.

When a frog appears to you it can be a reminder that what appears to be true on the surface is not always true and to really see what is true you need to look deeper before accepting or rejecting it .

3 – You can walk between heaven and earth

Just as frogs exist between water and land, it is believed in shamanic circles that people with frogs as animal totems exist between the worlds.

When a frog appears, it can be a sign that you can access both the human realm and the spirit realm.

4 – Tap purifying energy

Being aquatic creatures, frogs are often associated with water symbols such as renewal, purification, feminine or yin energy, and abundance, as water is the source of much of possible life on earth.

You can call upon frogs to remove any negativity from your life, whether it be in the form of emotional, spiritual, or physical toxins.

5 – Good luck is on your side

In Japan, frogs are often associated with good luck and abundance. In Native American culture, they are considered “rainmakers”.

Frogs as animal spirit guides can be summoned to bring rain, good fortune, prosperity, or luck of any kind.

Seeing them in your dreams or meditations can be a reminder that happiness and prosperity are on their way or are currently surrounding you.

6 – It is a fertile time in your life

In ancient Egypt, the frog goddess Heqet, represented as a frog-headed woman, watched over fertility and childbirth.

When a frog appears to you, it can be a great time to birth something into this world, whether it’s a new project, a new person, or a way forward.

7 – New beginnings are on the way

Frogs can also symbolize new beginnings due to the rejuvenating powers that their water energy brings and their connection to birth and fertility.

When you see a frog, prepare to welcome a new start or direction in an area where you are looking for positive new growth.

This fresh start can refer to moving to a new place or starting a new endeavor. It can also refer to a new beginning in a relationship or a new perspective on an old topic.

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