8 Spiritual Meanings of Hummingbirds – Amanda Linette Meder

8 Spiritual Meanings of Hummingbirds - Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – Get things done quickly

Hummingbirds are fast.

They can fly at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Your heartbeat can beat more than 1,200 beats per minute. You’re taking 250 breaths per minute (source).

When a hummingbird crosses your path, it can be a sign to speed things up. See if you can get things done faster.

You may already know of some tasks that you could speed up, and if so, focus on those first.

2 – Wear red

Scientists have found that a hummingbird’s favorite color is red.

Red flowers contrast well with green foliage and this is one of the reasons hummingbird feeders are often red.

Hummingbirds appearing in dreams or meditations can be a sign that the color red might be helpful to you.

Consider painting your nails red, wearing red clothes, or planting red flowers.

3 – Protect your resources

Hummingbirds can be territorial over flowers and feeding sites. They will chase other birds away from resources they deem theirs to guard.

When a hummingbird appears, it can be a sign to protect your resources. Ensure your needs are met by monitoring your access to valuable caches.

4 – Use your memory to revisit Places of Plenty

A hummingbird’s brain makes up 4% of its body weight, more than that of any other bird species. They use all that brainpower to recall memories, visiting areas with plentiful food supplies they recall from the past.

Having a hummingbird walk into your life can be a sign to use your memory to recall places, resources, people, and networks of abundance.

Visit these places to see if your “honey hole” is still alive and well – you may find that it is.

5 – Hold out for a long journey

The Rufous Hummingbird flies 3,900 miles during its migration, one of the longest distances of any bird.

When a hummingbird appears, it can be a sign that whatever the project, relationship, or goal, you are on a long journey.

Save your energy to walk the distance to your goal.

6 – Excel in deep rest

Hummingbirds sleep by slowing their metabolic, heart, and respiratory rates to a very low rate in a state known as torpor.

They freeze to survive, for example when they have to conserve energy at low temperatures or when they can no longer search for food, such as at night.

Hummingbirds can be a symbol of deep rest that is needed now. You can benefit from learning how to get into a very comfortable state of energy to find that calm.

7 – Be relentless

Hummingbirds live high-energy lifestyles, and to sustain it they must consume an incredible amount of food each day.

To get the food they need to survive, they will travel great distances, switching from flowers to insects and even feeding in sap wells created by woodpecker holes.

You have to eat all day to survive. In order to consume up to half their body weight in food per day, they must search tirelessly for food.

If a hummingbird has come into your dreams and meditations, it can be a sign to keep being very active in finding what you need in life.

8 – Increase your energy efficiency

According to Bird Spot, hummingbirds have incredible energy conversion efficiency from sugar to energy.

They can digest sucrose in 20 minutes with a conversion efficiency of 97%.

When a hummingbird appears, consider how to convert your own sources of energy into highly efficient results.

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