8 Spiritual Meanings of the Crow – Amanda Linette Meder

8 Spiritual Meanings of the Crow - Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – Make a habit of giving to those you value

Crows recognize individual humans and will occasionally leave objects for the humans who feed them.

These objects are usually small trinkets such as lost jewelry or stones, but nonetheless they seem to show an awareness of the importance of giving.

When a crow enters your life, it can be a sign that reciprocity can help in your current situation. Giving a small gift to show your appreciation for someone you are grateful for can go a long way.

2 – It is the end of a cycle

Crows often symbolize death, with a group of crows being referred to as “murder”. They are scavengers and are sometimes seen as messengers between the dead and the living.

Seeing crows may indicate that you have reached the death of a cycle – perhaps an old pattern has come to an end, a belief system, or perhaps someone who played an important role in your life has died.

Remember that every death creates new life; However, crows appearing in dreams or meditations can be a sign that it is important to stop and honor this death before moving on to the next stage.

3 – Take the time to absorb the risks and lessons that come with death

Crows have funerals for their dead. Some researchers believe that part of their purpose in gathering around their dead is to learn about the risks that caused the death. At a funeral, they can “talk” about the dangers of death and how to avoid them.

There are lessons from death. You can use the power of ceremony to bring about positive change.

If you see crows symbolically when you witness a death in your life, take a moment to learn the lessons of death and the risks that may have led to it.

This can help you and your clan become more resilient if you face similar risks in the future. Don’t let death mean anything.

4 – Adopt adaptability to succeed

Crows are found all over the world except Antarctica. They eat pretty much everything from scavenging corpses to being vegetarian, and have been known to develop their own regional dialects for each area they live in.

Having a crow enter your life spiritually may mean that you need to become more adaptable in order to thrive in the modern day.

Maybe it’s as easy as eating new foods or as difficult as developing new skills, whatever it is you may need to be flexible and willing to adapt to the environment you find yourself in.

5 – Add planning to your problem solving

Crows are known to be very adept at solving puzzles that are put to them. They will use tools and plan their steps ahead to introduce a sequence of behaviors to solve the problem.

When you’re solving a problem, think like the crow – be analytical, think, and plan your moves before you move. This can save you time and energy.

6 – Harness the power of teamwork to achieve great things

Crows have been observed in pairs and small groups preying on large birds of prey such as hawks.

Some wildlife watchers think it may be to draw attention to the threat so the predators don’t lash out at other creatures by surprise. Others think it could be that hawks pose a threat and protect their territory.

When crows appear, it can symbolize spiritually that teamwork can be the best way to pursue something big and scary, be it a goal or a risky endeavor.

7 – Give physical affection to someone you love

Crows show affection for one another by offering to be cared for. A crow stretches out its neck and invites another crow to clean it. The one being brushed closes their eyes to show they are relaxed.

Crows use invitations to physical affection to strengthen their bonds.

If a crow appears to you in love, it can be a sign to accept offers to give physical affection and care to someone you love, affirming that it can strengthen the bond.

8 – Think about it

Crows have been shown to have neural activity consistent with thinking about their own thoughts. In other words, they know what they know and think about what they know.

When crows appear to you as you make a decision, they can serve as reassurance that it’s okay to think about what you know and weigh it against new information you may learn.

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