8 Spiritual Messages From The Dragonfly – Amanda Linette Meder

8 Spiritual Messages From The Dragonfly - Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – Become an expert in what you do

Dragonflies can fly straight up and down, mate mid-air, show flight control down to the millisecond, and hover like a helicopter when needed.

They are flight experts.

One reason for this could be that they do not eat when not flying, since they survive solely on prey caught while flying.

Therefore, it pays for a dragonfly to be able to fly well.

The dragonfly can symbolically cross your path to remind you to strive for excellence in what you do in order to gather the energy resources you need to survive.

It will pay off when you become the best at getting the energy sources you need to live.

2 – Increase your success rate

Research by Rachel Crane at UC-Davis found that dragonflies capture prey with a 95% success rate. This is an impressive level of efficiency for capture attempts.

If a dragonfly appears to you in business or money, it may be a sign that you should focus on improving your efficiency. They can also be confirmation that your success rate has improved or is currently improving.

There we are now enough And We can always be better, faster and stronger, when you see a dragonfly ask yourself:

What can I do to increase my overall success percentage when I’m expending energy to achieve something?

How can I improve the accuracy where my efforts pay off in a guaranteed return?

3 – Look at your current environment from many facets

Dragonflies have compound eyes with 30,000 eye facets, each facet bringing in information about their surroundings. Compound eyes are good at giving a wild field of vision.

When a dragonfly appears it can be a sign that it is important to see things from many different angles right now.

Now take in as much visual information as you can as you move around in the physical world.

4 – Be an asset to other beings

Dragonflies are beneficial insects that are beneficial to humans as they are a prime enemy of mosquitoes, a human bloodsucker. They can kill hundreds of mosquitoes a day.

Due to Dragonfly’s expert flying, they are also an inspiration to human engineering. Their flight is being studied to mimic it in human technologies.

When a dragonfly appears, it can be a confirmation that you are having a positive influence on other beings in your world. They can also be a reminder to continue to be of service to others in your actions.

5 – You can have fairies as spirit guides

Irish lore has it that the little creatures ride dragonflies. They are miniature dragons of the fairy kingdom. Some say the dragonflies are actually fairies in disguise.

Finally, when they are born as larvae, they are called “nymphs.”

If dragonflies come into your garden in sync or cross your path, remember that the dragonfly could be your spirit animal or maybe a fairy guide.

6 – Focus on one goal to get results

Dragonflies use their mental acuity to focus on just one prey catch, which may be part of a flock. As mentioned above, once it locks onto its target, its success rate is one of the highest in the predatory world.

When dragonflies appear, it can be a sign to focus on one goal, one goal, one acquisition, one meal at a time.

What is your number one priority right now? Lock it up in your mentality and go after it.

7 – They want to help you manage the site

According to the Universe of Symbolism, when dragonflies enter your life, they seem to help you perform quick and precise actions to successfully maneuver in the terrain you find yourself in.

To call on the dragonfly for help, take three deep breaths in and out.

Uncross your legs and imagine yourself absorbing the loving, positive energy of the dragonfly into your energy field.

8 – Go the extra mile

Dragonflies are famous for their long-distance migratory habits. Research has shown them to travel up to 3,000 km (that’s 1,800 miles) to greener pastures.

Science writers write that their distance records shatter all migration records among insects.

When dragonflies appear, it can be a sign that it’s the right time to go the distance. Whatever goal you have in mind, put in the miles you need to reach your desired destination.

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