8 ways to discover your dream career

8 ways to discover your dream career
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From dream to reality

What did you say as a child when you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? Are you doing or pursuing this type of work now? Most people aren’t, but do you still want it? For most people, it takes research, experience, and risk to find their dream job. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to endure several bad jobs and risky work experiences along the way, alongside countless hours of research.

If you’re not quite sure what you want to do professionally, here are just a few ways to discover your dream job:

1. Check out career websites

Create an account on LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and other websites. Update your profiles regularly and look for job opportunities that match your interests and skills. Some of these sites have networking events that you can register for. Even if you’re employed, it can be helpful to see what else is out there and what connections you can make.

2. Take professional tests

You can find many free job assessment tests on the Internet. These can give you a good idea of ​​what careers might be good choices for you based on your personality, educational level, previous work experience, and more. Even if a test won’t give you an exact answer, it could give you some insight into the types of jobs that are a good fit for you. For example, let’s imagine someone whose score says they should be a firefighter. Unless they are athletically or physically inclined, they cannot agree with this result. However, as they reflect on their answers, they may find that the review recommended the position based on other qualities, such as fearlessness, efficiency, resourcefulness, and a desire to help others.

Of course, don’t take career tests/assessments as gospel. They are just one of many methods you can use to better understand yourself. Still, take the time to reflect on your results if you take one. Think about why the test might have given you that answer, and see if there’s any information or insight you can take with you for the rest of your job search!

3. Attend career fairs

Visit career fairs to get information from companies that are recruiting. Don’t forget to dress up and bring lots of copies of your CV. Prepare to have an on-site interview.

4. Get an education

Do you have a degree in a subject that you no longer want to work in? Because so many people go to college fresh out of high school and don’t really know what they want to be, it’s pretty common for people to make this mistake. If you find yourself in this situation, consider earning a master’s degree or even just a certificate or credential in your desired field.

5. Find a mentor

The best way to start a new career is to talk to someone who works in this field. Meet with this person regularly to ask them questions. Try spending a day with them at some job fairs and get an insight if certain jobs or offers would be a good fit for you.

6. Get feedback from loved ones

Ask the people you know best about the jobs they think you would excel at. Your parents, partner, and children may have an informed perspective on the types of work that your soul would find meaningful and that you have the skills to be successful.

7. Read books about careers

Look for books like 101 career alternatives for teachers and other literature that explains what you can do with your credentials. These books can help you use your background in another area. If you already know what field you want to go into, you can also search for similar books on getting into that industry, especially if you don’t have much relevant experience.

8. Don’t stay in a career you hate

Try not to spend more than three years in a job that isn’t your dream job. Once you reach that point, make a plan to move on and pursue your ideal work situation. Stability is important, but so is your mental and emotional health. Tune into something you love. This could include attending evening classes, a weekend job, or interviewing for new positions. Do whatever you can to create a life that allows you to do meaningful work. Your job pays the bills, but do you enjoy what you do?

Don’t give up on your dream career

On average, people spend 40 hours a week at work, plus an additional five hours a week commuting to and from work. It’s an important part of your life, so spend it doing something you’re passionate about.

If you’re still not sure what you like or want to do, in addition to the steps above, take some time to get to know yourself better. Connect with your spirituality. Turning to tools like tarot or oracle cards—or even consulting a trusted spiritual guide like a professional psychologist—can be helpful, especially if they play an important role in your belief system.

You only live once and you have more power over your future than you think. Don’t get stuck in a job just because it pays the bills and is convenient. Spend the time and take the risks. It will push you out of your comfort zone, but it will make you happier in the long run.

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