A Daily Focus for Your Dreams: August 6-12

A Daily Focus for Your Dreams: August 6-12
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What are your dreams telling you?

Dreams can be very strange, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the prophetic and the strange. Put simply, dreams are the human brain’s way of processing information accumulated during waking hours. As a result, much of what occurs in dreams is a reflection of experiences and images from the waking world.

Stressful dreams about customers or children, interpersonal tensions or lost objects are common and often do not have much spiritual significance. However, dreams are a space for messages, spirits and energies to enter your mind and rise to the forefront of your consciousness. This is one of the reasons so many people keep dream journals or seek help from experienced dream analysis psychics. This is also why it is so important to identify the key symbols and elements of a dream.

Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to some of the more common themes in your dreams. There are a few things in life that usually manifest themselves consistently in the dream world. So this week, let’s look at some common dream symbols and messages that many people encounter at some point in life.

Saturday, August 6th

“Airports, trains and highways are places of transit. This is where we go when we move from one place to another and change our physical position in the world.”

If you have had dreams about travel and transit, especially moving between places, it could be a sign that you are dealing with a transition phase in your waking life. It could also indicate that you are dissatisfied and unhappy with your current environment. The brain could use this as a metaphor for the process of moving on or trying to find your new place in the world.

Sunday, August 7th

“Being back at school or at home is a common theme in many dreams. These places usually pop up because we generally associate strong memories and unresolved emotions with these places.”

Children have great emotions; They feel things fully in a way adults rarely do. So it makes sense that the human mind would return to that place that makes it easier to feel deeply when the going gets tough. It’s about putting yourself in the right emotional landscape and headspace to process your feelings.

Monday, 8.8

“Dreams of catastrophes can seem terrifying and prophetic, but more often than not, they’re the brain’s way of understanding emotions that feel too big to go unnoticed.”

Sometimes a breakup can seem like the end of the world, and when that happens, sometimes your brain processes the feeling in the same way. When dealing with grief, loss, or heartbreak, you may dream of monumental, out-of-control catastrophes. Try to find a way to get your daily waking life back under control and then see if that helps a little. You may find that this is the case.

Tuesday, August 9th

“Work dreams often reflect our fears and the pressure that weighs on us professionally.”

One of the most common dreams is about failing at work. The realization that you haven’t done anything for a project, that you can’t speak to or understand anyone, or that you’re suddenly standing completely naked in front of your boss – such dreams can be the result of an internalized pressure to succeed. Try slacking off and look elsewhere for the praise you seek.

Wednesday, 10.8

“Flying dreams are rare for most people, but they are also something that most of us will experience at least once in our lives.”

Dreams about flying are generally considered pleasant and entertaining. How is it that humans know the feeling of flying inherently? These dreams can make you feel personally connected to something bigger and show you how your mind is remembering things that your body has forgotten.

Thursday, 11.8

“Dreams about running away or being chased may indicate that you feel like you are running out of time.”

If you’re on a countdown of any kind, whether it’s waiting for school to start, a relationship to end, or your child to leave college, you may be haunted in your dreams. A sense of urgency can sometimes distort the psyche. When that happens it often manifests as a desperate need to achieve safety, peace and security which is why you may have dreams about yourself escaping somewhere.

Friday, 12.8

“Sometimes we see the same animals over and over again in our dreams. This can be a prophetic message from Spirit and it is good to be aware of any unfamiliar creatures that you find in your dreams.”

If you often see animals in your dreams, it is possible that you are receiving spiritual guidance and protection. This is especially true when there are certain animals that only appear in your dreams and that you don’t see in the real world. Keep an eye on the animals that find you during your dreams and try to figure out where they are taking you.

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