All Luck: What Virgo Brings Luck

All Luck: What Virgo Brings Luck
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How does your zodiac sign affect your happiness?

Most people know their zodiac signs, but did you know that your zodiac sign also affects your happiness? Luck is a great addition to the zodiac’s many gifts. In a very neat, Virgo-like way, here is a list of everything that could bring good luck to Virgo right now.

What brings Virgo luck?

Virgos know exactly what they want. While Virgos can be opinionated and feel a deep need to control their surroundings, they are also very sensitive. Virgos trust themselves, and it’s very rare for them to feel insecure or indecisive. Despite their reputation for being critical, Virgos (and everyone else) simply hold themselves to a more ambitious, higher standard.

lucky number

2 and 5

Lucky Gems

Virgo’s lucky gemstones are sapphire and carnelian.

Happy Days

Monday and Thursday

Happy Colors

Virgo’s lucky colors are white and green.

Lucky tarot card

The lucky Virgo tarot card is the Hermit. Wise and insightful, the Hermit map is all about reflection. Always on a mission, Virgos resonate with the Hermit’s focus and ability to shelve distractions. The Hermit card also reminds Virgos to trust their inner selves and look within for guidance. As such, the hermit card can offer the sign of Virgo good fortune and insight.

Lucky Charms/Symbols

  • Fruit Shaped Items
  • The Evil Eye
  • Fancy pens

Lucky item

lucky plants

Things Virgo should avoid

  • Rethink
  • Passionate signs like Aries and Libra

The happiest thing about the Virgo

A Virgo with a purpose is unstoppable. Confident and motivated, her happiest trait is her ability to remain steadfast and alert, always eyeing the prize and having a solid plan to reach her goal.

How Virgo can improve her happiness

  • Work on grounding techniques
  • Create backup plans
  • Refrain from being too critical

happiness of the virgin

Like Leos, Virgos can benefit from letting go of the reins and allowing someone else to call the shots for once. They work well with other earth signs, like Taurus. Virgos can secure their happiness by planning carefully and maintaining a healthy dose of flexibility.

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