Are your chakras blown out? Here’s how to know!

Are your chakras blown out?  Here's how to know!
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In this email I am going to teach you about your chakras and also what exactly the aura is, because understanding these things is VERY IMPORTANT!

your chakras

Your chakras are seven energy centers that run along your spine. Each relates to a physical, spiritual, and emotional function of your body! When they are open, energy flows freely through you and you experience joy, good health, and a vibrant sense of good energy, joy, and happiness.

When they shut down, you will experience fatigue, depression, anxiety, obsessive worry, and mood swings!

This is because the energy is blocked in your body, which is causing these physical and emotional reactions!

Most people’s chakras close after the age of 21! So if you are over 21, take your current age and minus 21 from that to know how long your chakras have been shut down!

your aura

Your aura is an energy that surrounds your body, and when it’s working properly, it acts as a shield from negative energy, preventing it from attaching itself to you!

When your aura is dirty, and I’ve seen really dirty auras many times, negative energy attaches itself to your physical body!

And since your chakras are already shut down, that energy then moves onto your chakras and causes the emotional imbalances mentioned above!

An aura of shutting down is the number one cause of a person getting energy flukes!

These energy centers are so important to a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, yet most people don’t even know they have an aura or chakras!

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What most people don’t understand about their psychic energy systems

What most people don’t realize is the important role their chakras and aura play in their lives!

The health of your chakras and aura not only determines how long you can benefit from the positive energies around the earth, but they also protect you from depression, anxiety, anxious thoughts, obsessions and worries!

Experiencing these negative emotions is often a sign of shut down chakras and a dirty aura! But once your chakras are realigned and your aura cleared, these negative feelings often magically disappear!

As you get older, these negative emotions become harder and harder to shake off because your chakras and aura shut down by around the age of 21!

The problem of doing nothing

And even knowing the meaning of chakras and aura, a person usually ignores proper care.

Ignoring taking care of your chakras is like ignoring changing the oil in your car engine and never changing your tires either!

You’re definitely going to have a flat tire on the Autobahn, and when it happens, it won’t be pretty!

Because once your chakras shut down, after a while they “blow out” too! Just like your car engine and tires!

When your chakras are blown out, they look like an explosion in a steel wool factory! If you can imagine what that looks like! The ends of your chakras will be totally frayed, torn and looking like a mess!

What happens when you blow out chakra

Negative emotions are rooted in this “blow out,” and you don’t seem to shake them off as easily as you did when you were young!

They “take root” in your mind and cause you intense stress, anxiety, worry, obsessive thinking, fear, and all this eventually leads to depression and sadness!

Most people think it’s normal to feel this way as you age, but let me be the first to tell you, this is NOT normal! It is often an indication that you have ‘blown out’ chakras!

When I had my healing center in Mexico I did over 1000 chakra balancings and I can tell you that I have seen these negative feelings go away almost immediately after a person has realigned their chakras and cleared their aura!

Your aura is a shield – when it’s not dirty

Your aura is your first line of defense against negative energy! Your aura acts as a shield when clean and the negative energy bounces off it! You are bombarded by negative energy all day long!

But when your aura is shut off, the negative energy permeates through your aura and then attaches to your physical body. It then seeps into your chakras and then the shutdown cycle begins!

So by clearing your aura, it will not let any negative energy anywhere near your physical body!

Your aura is a very important “shield” that you must keep clean!

What is causing this shutdown?

Everyday life causes your chakras and your aura to shut down! Just like the oil in your car is only supposed to last 3 to 6 months, your chakras and aura need to be balanced and cleared about every 6 to 8 months depending on the stress level in your life, environmental factors, etc.

This is how you can tell if your energy system is switched off

– If you are experiencing any of the above negative emotions and you can’t seem to shake them or they are happening more and more often, this is a definite sign that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– When a relationship ended but you can’t seem to get over it no matter what you do, it can be an indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– Are you a worry wart? Do you worry all the time? This is a HUGE indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– If you often feel deep-seated sadness, melancholy or depression, this can be an indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– If you seem to be constantly obsessed and worried, it may be an indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– If you don’t have the same energy as you used to, it can be an indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleaned!

– If you are starting to feel old but are not that old yet, it may be an indication that your chakras need to be balanced and your aura cleared!

– Plus several other characters too many to mention!

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The good news!

But guess what? You may be surprised that once you have balanced your chakras and cleared your aura, these symptoms often magically disappear!

I’ve seen this happen more times than you can imagine! And it’s an amazing thing to see when it happens! It’s also an amazing thing for the other person to experience what’s happening to them!

Imagine feeling years of worry, stress, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, restlessness or even depression seem to leave you instantly!

After changing the oil in your car, you will immediately notice how smooth it runs! The same applies to chakra balancing and aura cleaning! You notice the difference immediately!

What you can do to experience the same happiness and inner peace that over 1,000 other people have experienced!

If you are over the age of 21, like most people, you may have thought that feeling these things is normal! But it is NOT normal! It would be the same as saying you haven’t changed the oil in your car for over 10 years and it’s still going fine!

Of course your car wouldn’t run well – and anyone who owns a car knows that you need to change the oil.

But most people don’t realize that they need to change the “energy oil” in their energy body! They were never properly educated about their energy body, like changing the oil in their car!

So I sent out this email to educate people and say, “Hey! You don’t have to feel like this! You can feel free, happy and cheerful! You felt this way because you needed to change your “energy oil”!”

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In other words: people who want to feel freer inside! Don’t get caught up in their thoughts and emotions!

Believe me, you can create an inner world of hell just with your thoughts! Many people live in this “emotional hell” every day! They think it’s normal to live like this! We’ve all been to this “hell” but you don’t have to be!

You were created to be happy, cheerful and free!

So for the month of October I will be creating additional spaces to do chakra balancing and aura cleansing on anyone who wants to feel better!

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I can’t wait for you to experience the same happiness, peace, and joy that over 1,000 other people have experienced after their energy systems have been cleansed!

I look forward to working with you soon!

in light and peace,

Tana Hoi

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