Aura Color Meanings: Red Aura Properties and Qualities

Aura Color Meanings: Red Aura Properties and Qualities
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What is an aura?

Auras are the energy fields that surround all living things, including animals and plants. Composed of basic life energy, they are accented with color frequencies that reflect what their owner is experiencing. A person’s aura can change color at different stages of their life, but it usually maintains a uniform color that changes with changing circumstances.

Where do the aura colors come from

Metaphysicians believe that the color of an aura is caused by vibrations. Certain vibrational frequencies emit consistent colors – just as different people and their individual energies are different, so are the colors of their auras.

For example, some people are active and physical, others are analytical and logical, and others are emotional and heart-centered, to name a few. These qualities and their intensity form the main colors of a person’s aura.

How to perceive auras

Psychics perceive auras in different ways. Psychics “see” the aura colors visually, clairvoyants “hear” the aura colors in people’s voices, psychics can “feel” the aura colors of the people they meet, and clairvoyant psychics simply “know” the auras of those they serve read. Some psychics even mix these senses.

Certain photographic methods can also capture the human aura. While the technology isn’t perfect yet, it could become a bigger asset for demanding auras in the future!

If you need help learning more about your aura, you can gain insight into its color by consulting a psychic counselor.

Red Auras: The color of the root chakra

The first chakra, also called the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is sometimes referred to as the “tribal chakra” because it expresses the energy of belonging, whether conferred by family, nationality, religion, or ideology. It is the chakra of material survival and is related to a person’s ability to establish themselves in the physical world.

When someone’s root chakra is weak, they may lack a sense of place and belonging. It can be difficult to take care of themselves and their basic physical vitality can be low.

When a person’s root chakra is strong, they feel grounded, stable, supported, and energized. This is largely because they can do whatever it takes to feed, clothe, and take care of themselves. For these reasons, the aura color red is associated with the first chakra.

Red Aura Personality Traits

People with a red aura are “rooted” to the earth and have a high level of physical vitality. Professionally, they can be firefighters, rescue workers, dancers, military personnel or police officers. They typically enjoy any or all activities that require active work and physical body activity.

Reds enjoy the challenge of dangerous situations because they know they can handle them. After sitting for a while they head out in search of some action and might get bored and frustrated if they can’t find anything risky and exciting to do!

The positive qualities of the red auras

People with red auras are energetic, courageous, and disciplined. They have very clear boundaries and know exactly what they want. Thanks to their physical and practical focus, they get things done in record time. They have an invigorating and motivating effect on other people and make them good managers.

Many of them also love to work alone because they feel they don’t want or need outside guidance.

What red auras need to work on

The Reds have to remember that not everyone has the same energy and drive as they do. You need to be sensitive to other people’s thoughts and feelings. Likewise, people with red auras need to work on controlling their drive and alertness so they can live more balanced lives and not burn themselves.

Four subtypes of red auras

Of course, not all people with red auras are the same. Even with shades of red, there are major differences in personality that can affect how the color presents. As such, there are many different shades of red aura, each saying something different about the person wearing it.

rose red

These are the softer shades of red. They blend the sympathetic qualities of a pink aura into their sense of emotional expression. Like the other reds, they enjoy a bit of action. However, they pay more attention to the feelings of other people than most of their conspecifics.

violet red

This type of red aura mixes some violet energy into their auras. Violet brings spiritual infusion through the upper chakras. As a result, people with violet-red auras may be more spiritually evolved than the other reds, or may find it easier to attain such an enlightened state.


These red wines express their fire in a smoldering but restrained way. Those with a maroon or burgundy hue tend to be very deep, and they perceive most things in a more complex way than they would with other reds.

tomato red

People with a tomato red aura integrate the creative and invigorating color orange (associated with the second chakra) into their personality. Therefore, this shade of red often indicates that a person has artistic talent and is extremely free-thinking.

The red aura in love

People with red auras need partners who can keep up with them. They love sports and games, sexual marathons and other physically demanding activities. Red people hate over-analyzing and are not particularly subtle or nuanced. The number one ingredient that makes someone blush is their self-esteem. You want a partner who values ​​themselves.

Red auras blend best with orange and yellow auras. Shades of yellow can add lightness, humor and objectivity to the inherent intensity of red. Meanwhile, oranges match red’s strong and extroverted reactions to things.

Overall, people with red auras tend to be very loyal and committed partners, and they always make it clear where they stand when it comes to love!

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