Aura colors and their meaning

Aura colors and their meaning
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Your aura and energy

The color of a person’s aura, or personal energy field, can show how they are feeling, what their energetic vibration is, and how they are moving in the world. Just like the people they are attached to, auras are not static. They can evolve over time as a person’s energetic vibration, intentions, or feelings change.

Aura color is easiest to see when your eyes are relaxed. Lighter and more vibrant aura colors can indicate strong emotions or energies, or indicate someone has lived with the same feelings, energies, and intentions for a long time. Notably, historical depictions of auras can be found in art around the world, most commonly in images of saints, deities, and healers who have haloes emanating from their heads and around their bodies.

Aura colors and their meaning

Aura colors can range from jet black to bright white, and people can have multicolored auras that reflect more than one energy, vibration, or intention. Below, let’s review each aura color and what it can reveal about its wearer. As you read about aura colors, remember that there is no such thing as a negative or bad aura color. Aura color alone does not indicate bad character, although some aura colors may reflect a need for healing and inner work.


The red aura is often associated with the root chakra, which is connected to the physical plane. People with a red aura are typically fearless, brave, and passionate. In addition, they tend to revel in the pleasures of the material world and possess a love of adventure, physical activity and excitement. If someone’s red aura is particularly bright, they’re likely confident and excitable. However, if the color of their aura is dark or dull, then they may be holding on to anger, trauma, frustration, or fear. In the latter case, they may benefit from channeling their physical abilities into an activity like yoga, which helps them release their excess energy.


The orange aura is not all that different energetically from the red aura. It is related to the sacral chakra, the energy center in the body responsible for sensuality, creativity and emotions. People with an orange aura, like red, are physically attuned, confident, and passionate. However, people with an orange aura tend to be risk takers. When operating at a lower vibration, they can also be prone to addictions, particularly habits that cater to their urges for thrills. People with orange auras are typically sociable and independent, so they might benefit from guiding people through physical activities – perhaps in a training class. Alternatively, they may enjoy DIY projects that channel their abundant energy outward.


Yellow auras can be compared to the energy source of the solar plexus chakra, located in the center of the body just above the navel. The solar plexus chakra governs your sense of personal power. Those with a yellow aura are typically bright in more ways than one. These individuals exude confidence and joy, and are intellectually fit as well. A particularly bright yellow aura may indicate someone has experienced a spiritual awakening or is on the path to ascension. These individuals are natural leaders who generally have a large social network that attracts people thanks to their positive, warm, and motivating energy. Those with a yellow aura may benefit from experimenting with deep meditation as they are already on the path to ascension.


Green auras resonate closely with the heart chakra, making these individuals loving, generous, and kind. People with this aura color are generally peaceful, calm, and healing. However, a dark or dull green aura may indicate someone is holding onto jealousy, envy, or low self-esteem. These individuals may also struggle with codependency, especially when their willingness to give to others outweighs their own needs. Guided meditation and journaling can be helpful for those with hazy green auras as they can refocus their energies and allow them to check into themselves, energize them and protect them emotionally.


Blue aura people are excellent communicators and helpers, many of whom have strong intuition. Because of her calm energy, others often turn to her for reassurance in a crisis. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which governs self-expression. These people rely more on their feelings and instincts than on facts and figures. Peaceful and positive, people with this aura color value their personal relationships, but are equally comfortable in solitude and use their alone time to meditate and reflect. At its highest vibration, a blue aura can indicate clairvoyant or psychic abilities. At a lower vibration, those with a dull blue aura may not be able to face the truth of anything. These people can raise their vibration with a little self-reflection and meditation. By letting go of their desire to control what is out of their hands (i.e. everything but their own energy, thoughts and actions), a person with a dusky blue aura can begin to become their highest self.


The third eye chakra, located above the eyebrows in the center of the forehead, is associated with the color indigo. People with indigo auras are deeply intuitive, inspired, and empathetic. Like the red and orange auras, this aura color suggests bravery and fearlessness. However, people with indigo auras possess discernment skills and can recognize that exciting behavior is a short-term high. As such, they generally prefer challenging, time-consuming tasks and have the patience to work towards self-actualization. People with indigo aura seek peace and harmony above all else, are guided by their moral integrity, and use their intelligence to help others. Because they are open-minded, they accept people for who they are and do not blame others for their mistakes, preferring instead to offer help.


Violet auras are associated with the crown chakra, located just above the head, which connects people to Source. Source energy connects all living things, and people with this aura color are generally happy, energetic, and possessed of a sense of wholeness that transcends the physical realm. Violet auras usually belong to big thinkers who are empathetic, dreamy, and interested in humanitarian issues. They are open about their feelings and thoughts and encourage others to share, heal and ascend as well. These are visionaries with the highest intentions for all living things, and they seek to help create a more loving and just world.


White or rainbow colored auras (because white is an amalgamation of all colors) are understood to be the highest vibrational energy there is. A white aura indicates someone has ascended and is not encumbered with low self-esteem, distrust, anger, self-indulgence, or ego. People with this aura color are motivated by the spiritual realm and pursue the highest good of the universe. While these persons are pure and transcendent, they forgive other people’s faults and pass judgment. Instead, they see the best in everyone and work to uplift those around them.


As previously mentioned, there are no “good” or “bad” auras, only vibrations that may need to be addressed. People with this aura color are not evil, but they may be holding onto trauma, addiction, or pain that requires attention, healing, and care. A person with a black aura may have a blockage in their spiritual life force. You can resolve this through meditation, inner work, and the help of high vibrational healers. If someone you know has a black aura, they may be holding on to something that hurts them. Getting rid of this blockage can help them restart their journey of ascension.

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