Best careers for your life path number

Best careers for your life path number
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Your life path number and your dream job

Deciding what to do with your career can be intimidating and confusing. Luckily, the key to finding out may actually lie in your life path number. Your life path number is the sum of the numbers in your birth date and provides insight into the nature of your soul including your energy, strengths and abilities. As such, it’s a great tool for figuring out what you have to do on Earth and how you might do it. It also contains cautionary tales to protect you throughout your life.

With this self-knowledge, you can find a career that fits you like a glove—something your heart and soul will be happily invested in. When you find that perfect role, chances are your work won’t feel like work at all. You’ll love what you do and you’ll feel like you’re fulfilling your true meaning.

How to find your life path number

Finding your life path number is easy, although it can certainly seem intimidating. You can find a detailed breakdown here. Basically, though, all you have to do is simplify the numbers in your date of birth to the lowest single digit or master number possible. Let’s say your birthday is December 18, 1986. Write that down in numbers to get: 12/18/1986. Then add up the individual numbers in each category (month, date, year) and reduce each number until you get a single digit: 1+2/1+8/1+9+8+6. This gives you 3/9/24. Add the last number together again: 3/9/6.

Now add the numbers of each category together: 3+9+6=18. Since the end result is a two-digit number (and not a master number), add them together again. 1+8=9, giving you a life path number of 9.

Note: As mentioned above, if your calculation gives a master number of 11, 22, or 33, you don’t need to further reduce in the last step. These two-digit numbers can remain unchanged.

Once you know your life path number, consult the list below to find some potential career paths for you.

Life Path Number 1 (Keyword: Independent)

You must lead. Like cream you rise to the top. You want to be the boss or be the best in your field. You are bold, creative, independent and not afraid to stand alone when necessary. You strive to be patient, even when it can be difficult. You would be a great scientist, intrepid in search of discovery, or an entrepreneur – one capable of creating new, unique businesses. You might also excel in law and order careers where you aim to right wrongs.

Life path number 2 (keyword: harmony)

Partnerships of all kinds will bring you great joy. You are a team player and certainly a peacemaker. Your ability to bring harmony to any group is a natural part of you. If you’re shy, don’t be afraid to go after what you want. You will most likely receive it. You would make an amazing matchmaker with your intuition; or you would be a great politician always striving to strike a balance. You could even be a pastor lovingly caring for his flock.

Life path number 3 (keyword: imagination)

They can be wonderfully expressive and convey the most imaginative ideas to an enthusiastic audience. You are not afraid to argue for what you believe in, but please do your best not to be overly critical of yourself or others. You would be a persuasive advocate, one who stood up for the underdogs; a fascinating talk show host with a light-hearted sense of humor; or a dazzling entertainer who naturally steals the limelight on stage.

Life path number 4 (keyword: stability)

They are among those who genuinely love working hard at what they choose to do. You try to do your job without complaint and you strive to create stability for yourself and your loved ones. You are practical and have a knack for organizing, whether you love it or hate it. Rest and take a nap when you need one. You would be a great general manager who cares about his employees, an excellent accountant or a successful athlete.

Life path number 5 (keyword: freedom)

Freedom is your battle cry. You can be faithful to the person you are marrying, but they must respect your personal need to feel free if you want things to work out. You love to have fun and find all adventures exciting, including traveling to other countries and meeting new people. You would be an amazing tour guide making every trip exciting; a great presenter where you would bring lots of life and laughter to the audience; or a seasoned writer with the potential to become well known.

Life path number 6 (keyword: love)

You have a big heart and love to give to others. Your compassion and kindness bring comfort to people. You have an eye for beauty and you know how to create it. With all due care, please remember to also do yourself some good. Career-wise, you could be a sought-after and popular actor, a diplomat who brings balance and harmony to even the most difficult of situations, or a thoughtful and fair judge.

Life path number 7 (keyword: mystic)

You are a seeker after truth and love delving into the mysteries of the world, especially when related to science or religion. You are a thinker and meditation comes easily to you. Give yourself the time you need to recover. You might be lucky to be a meditation guide, a photographer, or a software developer advancing the computer industry with bright ideas.

Life path number 8 (keyword: power)

People often turn to you for guidance as you have a kind of charitable authority by nature. They are powerful and attract positions of great importance. You work extremely hard, but you must remember to make time for self-care. You would be great boss material, caring about your people and making sure things are done well. Since you are a money magnet, you could also be a great banker or a real estate agent, one with integrity and a positive reputation.

Life path number 9 (keyword: humanitarian)

They really care about people from all walks of life. You possess great wisdom and are happy to share it with others. You love helping people, but remember that you are also okay with asking for help if you need it. You would be a wonderful professor, teaching your students at length about your chosen subjects. You could also be a psychiatrist who lets you use your healing gifts, or a philanthropist who donates generously to many charities.

Life Path Number 11 (Keyword: Intuitive)

You are a master of intuition. You are sensitive, psychic and empathetic towards others. Please trust yourself. You are wonderfully imaginative and creative. You have the power to inspire and uplift everyone you meet. You radiate loving energy and would do very well as a counselor; an interior designer where you create loveliness; or a gifted intuitive reader.

Life Path Number 22 (Keyword: Manifesto)

You are a builder. You can transform thoughts into physical reality with your powers of manifestation. You create and build a strong foundation with everything and everyone you invest in. Still, you should get enough sleep. You will thrive when you can be the boss and build your empire. Your brave spirit finds joy in starting new businesses or constructing buildings. You might also enjoy working in big finance where you can earn tremendous wealth.

Life Path Number 33 (Keyword: Guide)

You are a master teacher. You have the power to lead, teach, and heal others. Your essence is love and through your loving kindness you can help people become one with their Higher Self. Please be kind to yourself. As the title of your number suggests, you would like to be a teacher and touch the hearts of your students; a healer who takes care of the sick; or a trainer, kind and encouraging.

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