Blue Jay Symbolism — Amanda Linette Meder

Blue Jay Symbolism — Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – Speak your mind

Blue jays are very talkative birds and use their calls to communicate information, such as environmental information, like if there is a predator nearby.

A Blue Jay can be a reminder to speak up, and that others in your group will hear you and listen when you do.

2 – Be assertive

Blue Jays can exhibit aggressive and assertive behaviors. They will chase other birds away from food spots. They will also attack others who get too close to nest sites.

A Blue Jay can symbolize that standing up for what you value, with assertiveness, is a good thing. They may show up to help you learn how to be more assertive.

3 – Express confidence

Blue Jays can be bold, fearless, talkative and curious. All features of a creature exuding confidence.

Seeing a Blue Jay can mean that it’s time to turn up the confidence and to help you exhibit more confidence.

4 – Protect others

When alone, Blue Jays are attacked by predator birds like Eagles and Hawks. But when together Blue Jays will mob larger, predatory birds in their habitat, to protect their group and nesting sites.

Blue Jays can symbolize fearlessness and be a reminder of the value of displaying a protective nature for your group.

5 – Use cleverness

Blue Jays are known to test their food before they eat it. They will rub ants on their feathers to remove the ant’s formic acid coating. Ants without the coating, they eat without the preparation.

Being able to identify small differences in the ‘same thing’ and applying their ideas to them accordingly, is a mark of clever thinking. Seeing a Blue Jay may be a sign that it’s time to use some cleverness to solve a problem.

6 – Embrace curiosity

Blue Jays are highly curious and their young are known to play with ‘toys’ like aluminum foil and bottle caps.

They can be a sign that it is time to be more curious in life and may appear to help you think of ways to increase your level of curious play in life.

7 – Warning… deceit

Blue Jays are known to take and eat the eggs of other birds. They also have been witnessing the call of a Hawk to keep smaller birds away from an area with treasures they want to keep for themselves.

Seeing a Blue Jay can be a reminder to stay alert for deceit around you, and to question the intention of certain others, if your intuition warrants it.

8 – Watch out, danger!

Blue Jays mimic Hawk calls not just to deceive other birds into believing a Hawk is around, but to also alert other Blue Jays that a Hawk is actually around.

Next time you hear a raspy Hawk-like call, look around and see if you can spot the Jay. Then, continue looking, as there may be an actual Hawk nearby. Sometimes Blue Jays really do more than just cry wolf!

Seeing a Blue Jay or hearing one can be a sign to watch out, that something dangerous is around.

9 – You are supported by loyalty

Some Blue Jays are permanent residents of their territory. They live in flocks and can be highly protective of their nesting site. Both parents incubate the eggs and feed their young.

Seeing a Blue Jay can symbolize loyalty to a family, a group and to an area. They can also appear to remind you that loyalty matters right now.

10 – Let intelligence be your asset

Blue Jays are members of the Corvid family. They are related to Ravens, Magpies and Crows. Corvids are thought to be some of the most intelligent of all birds.

As such, Blue Jays are sometimes considered sentinels for other birds of the area. Seeing a Blue Jay can be a sign that you too have this intelligence and they can appear to help you find ways to bring this quality out.

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