Cancer Season Daily Focus: June 25th to July 1st

Cancer Season Daily Focus: June 25th to July 1st
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Use Cancer season to your advantage

Cancer season is here and it brings with it the allure of this cardinal water sign. Crayfish are known for being large feelers, but like the crabs from which they get their name, they also have a tough outer shell.

As such, Cancerians are not afraid to embrace their feelings, which means they are more likely to put themselves in emotionally precarious situations. At the same time, however, they also experience their emotions deeply, which makes this act even braver than it might seem.

Cancer has much hidden depth. While these deep feelings often manifest as outward sadness, they are also commonly expressed as creativity and compassion, and they can fill Cancer’s need to connect and reach out to others.

This week let’s look at some of the key energies of Cancer and discuss how you can use them in a positive way during this transit.

Saturday June 25th

“The three water signs are: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. These are the intuitive and emotional signs.”
— Luna Sidana

Water signs are known for being the feelers of the zodiac. You are deeply intuitive and passionate and often willing to try new things. During any water season, it’s normal to feel a little more compassionate, nostalgic, and sentimental than usual. You may be thinking about family, particularly the relationship between mother and child, whether that is between you and your own children or between you and your parents. It’s a good idea to let those emotions be experienced and processed while all those energies are in place.

Sunday June 26th

“Cancer people seek retreat and solitude. Just like real crabs.”
– Linda Goodman

You may feel like pulling in these days, but don’t give in to the impulse to isolate yourself. Instead, turn to others. Well, especially after such a sociable Gemini season, there’s something to be said for calm, so it’s important to take pauses to think. There’s also nothing wrong with taking some alone time to recharge. Just remember that allowing others to be there for you and being there for others is also extremely healthy. Here’s how to find the true gifts of Cancer season.

Monday, June 27th

“Cancer: Just like the moon, you shine in times of darkness.”
– CW

Cancers are often a beacon of hope and happiness for those around them, or at least for those who want to support them. This is a great time to rely on the people you trust and to be there for others as well. If you have Cancer in your birth chart, you may feel maternal instincts rising in you, regardless of your gender. You may be drawn to taking care of those around you, or perhaps you desire to take care of yourself.

Tuesday June 28th

“One of the most amazing traits of the zodiac is Cancer, and it is their innate ability to inspire happiness in others, even when they don’t feel well themselves.”
– Maria Silva

This tough outer shell has helped Cancers master the art of containing their emotions. When you’re used to big emotions, they become a bit easier to navigate and contain. Unless you’re someone with birth cancer placements, these big feelings can come as a surprise, and you might find them a little harder to deal with. The best way out is through. Just ride the wave and feel what you need to feel.

Wednesday June 29th

“Cancer represents foundation, home, family and security.”
– Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Cancer rules the fourth house – the house of the family. So it stands to reason that cancer season can evoke family feelings for many people. Obviously this can be difficult to manage at times. For some, this may manifest as a desire to reconnect with or expand your family. Alternatively, you could experience nostalgia not connected to your blood family but to a time when you felt safe, secure, and a part of something. How you channel these thoughts and feelings is entirely up to you.

Thursday June 30th

“Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning Cancer people were born to take responsibility — to lead, not to be led.”
– Linda Goodman

Don’t confuse sensitivity with weakness. Cancers may be very in tune with what’s going on around them, but they’re also good at weathering the storms that result. This is a great time to reach out to the cancers in your life for advice. Get their perspective on the world.

Friday July 1st

“The greatest gift a Cancer gives is their empathy.”
– Unknown

During this solar transit, the best thing we can do is connect with each other and allow ourselves to feel our own love fully, even if it’s a little painful. This is the time to reconnect, at least with ourselves. Take time this week to look within yourself and remember to appreciate your emotional landscape for what it is.

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