Channeling Psychics and What They Can Do for You

Channeling Psychics and What They Can Do for You
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It can be overwhelming and even confusing to see the many different types of psychics and readers out there. There are tarot readers, pendulum users, rune and sigil casters, oracle card readers, and numerology and astrology specialists—among many more!

Many types of psychics are self-explanatory (for example, a tarot reader can read tarot cards), but among the readers who are less easy to understand – and therefore often stigmatized – are channeling psychics and the psychic medium. While very similar, mediums act as intermediaries, while channelers (the focus of this guide) embody the spirits they interact with.

How channeling works

The practice of channeling, put simply, is the process of allowing one’s body to be taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication. This includes everything from loved ones who have passed away to spirit guides, guardian angels, human and animal spirits, and other forms of divine intelligence. This is a method of connecting directly to Source and bringing messages and guidance to those who seek it. At times channelers can enter a deep trance-like state, and at other times they relax physically but remain aware of what is going on around them.

A common question people ask about channeling is, “How do you know the spirit that comes through is good and not evil?” Most channelers have spent years honing their craft and have learned the art of discernment , which allows them to tell the difference between a spirit that wants to help and one that wants to hurt or hinder.

They are also most likely working in a sacred space that has safeguards in place to ensure nothing negative can enter that space and cause problems. You may or may not witness the channeler creating this psychic bubble (so to speak), but rest assured that any legitimate, reputable channeling medium will take the necessary precautions.

Sometimes the medium will remember what was said during the channel and sometimes they will not remember what was shared. These are both valid and natural answers. Even card readers can sometimes forget what was shared during a reading after the connection is closed.

Find a channeling medium

To get the most out of a visit to a channeling medium, do your homework beforehand and make sure you are working with an established and truly gifted medium.

When you start your search you have several options. If you prefer to see your psychics in person, you can try asking your local metaphysical shop if they have anyone on staff or recommend someone they recommend. But luckily, if you want to talk to a psychic remotely, or if there aren’t any reputable channeling psychics in your area, there are plenty of psychics online. Online psychic services allow you to read past testimonials from a psychic’s clients and get a feel for how that particular channeler works.

If possible, try to have a quick call or talk with your medium before the actual channeling session to ensure your energies are working well together. When you start reading, it will be very important to have a strong connection with your medium. Talking to your Channeling Psychic beforehand gives you the opportunity to step back and look for someone else if you are not comfortable with them.

preparing for a reading

Go into the reading with an open mind. Maybe you want to hear from your mom or dad only to get messages from a great-great-grandparent or someone else instead. Remember, you get the message you were meant to get, even if it wasn’t from the person you wanted or expected to hear from.

Have a few questions ready before you participate in the channeling. Be sure to write them down and have the list in front of you as you read, because it’s easy to forget things in the heat of the moment. Taking notes during the channeling can also be very helpful – just remember to ask the medium if they’re okay with this and see what forms of note-taking they’re comfortable with. Some psychics have no problem with audio recordings, while others may only allow written notes.

Why go to a channeling psychic?

Channeling psychics can bring you much-needed answers and guidance, either from your own guides or from your psychic’s guides. It can also be very affirming to see the medium’s mannerisms morph into those of a long-lost loved one, or to hear pet names and secrets that were only known between the two of you.

A session with a Channeling Psychic can be a powerful and enlightening experience, and it is definitely worth trying at least once in a lifetime. But remember, you will receive messages from Spirit every day. You just have to acknowledge and interpret them.

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