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do you have fairy blood

Do you know that there are fairy people? They are either part fairies or full fairies and were raised as humans on the physical plane.

Fairies are magical creatures, but occasionally they inject a little bit of fairy magic into people’s lives. Sometimes fairies even become part of the human world.

There are beings called “fairy people” who are either part fairies or full fairies who were raised as humans on the physical plane. These magical beings live every day like an ordinary person. Your neighbor could be one, that incredibly beautiful stranger who was sitting next to you on the bus, or even yourself!

Some fairy people live as humans

There are several ways in which a fairy can arise. Although fairies live on a plane other than the physical human plane, they easily transition between the two realms.

Some fairies are extremely mischievous, which can cause a bit of trouble for humans. There are cases where these enchanted beings steal a human baby and leave a fairy baby in its place. This baby is called a changeling.

When this happens, the fairy child will grow up as a human and believe they are fully human, when in fact they are actually a real blue fairy.

Fairies visit the human world all the time, and some of them eventually breed with humans. The children, although they may not know it, are hybrids with both human and fairy blood in their veins.

If the father is human and the mother is fairy, the child may be more fairy than human and likely grow up to eventually live in the fairy world.

If the father is the fairy and the mother is human, the child will appear human and likely grow up as a normal human. However, this child will possess magical abilities and tendencies passed down from the father’s fairy bloodline.

As you can see, fairies can live among humans without anyone being the wiser as the person is unaware of their true nature. The question is, are you one of those ethereal fairy people?

There are actually several indicators that could help you figure out if you have magical blood from a fairy ancestor. Although fairies are indistinguishable from humans unless you look closely, there are telltale signs that can reveal the nature of a fairy person.

fairy blood

Physical signs that you are part of the fairy

There are many different types of fairies, but those who live among humans tend to be humans who look remarkably like them. But even their appearances look a little more magical than on an ordinary man or woman.

For one thing, fairies and their kin live longer than ordinary humans. Though they won’t live for centuries because they’re still human, after all. Humans who are part fairies will live long lives and be fairly resistant to disease.

Fairy people are amazingly beautiful even by human standards, and family and friends often describe their beauty as ethereal or otherworldly. Her features are delicate and her movements graceful, and when you look into her eyes, you will be captivated by her gaze. It will almost look like you’re under her spell!

Beauty aside, another physical sign of a fairy person is their low body temperature. It doesn’t feel freezing, but you’ll find your skin feels cooler even on the scorching hot days. While their odd body temperature might be off-putting to some people, others will actually find them reassuring.

Strange sleeping habits will also be part of a fairy person’s life. Some part-fairy people tend to sleep the whole timewho prefers the comfort of sleep and dreams to true reality. Others only sleep a few hours a night, but are still active and energetic, as if they’ve slept through the night.

Fairies are also extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields, causing skin irritation, burning, headaches, and other pains when in close proximity. Many stories also state that iron is harmful to fairies, so part fairies are also hypersensitive to iron and iron alloys.

Finally, fairies often hear or sense something like white noise that other humans cannot hear or sense. The white noise is especially evident when fairies have strong intuition or even premonition.

Other fairy characteristics

There are also personality traits that fairies are happy to share, although each is as unique as any ordinary human.

All fairies and fairy people are closely related to nature as nature is a type of elemental that typically nourishes and cares for the earth. So, those who are part fairy will always long to spend time outdoors surrounded by trees, flowers, wild animals and even insects.

Animals are also naturally attracted to them and feel their great love for the environment and the magical powers that lie dormant within them.

Part fairies tend to be playful and light-hearted, just like their fairy ancestors. Music is a big part of their lives and they love to sing and dance, whether at parties or all alone in their rooms.

Because fairies are attracted to games and fun, and most of them have a keen sense of humor. Although fairies are quick to laugh and humans are entertained by their wit and charm, there are some humans who find their jokes too callous and their laughter occasionally inappropriate.

Of course, most common people are inexplicably attracted to fairy magic, especially babies and toddlers.

Although a fairy has many friends, they often feel that they don’t fully fit into their lives. Their fairy blood, even if they are unaware of it, causes them to feel like they don’t quite belong anywhere. As a result, many faerie people constantly crave travel or change careers to “find themselves.”

Finally, fairies are naturally drawn to spiritual pursuits and healing arts, even if the family and community in which they grew up were not particularly exposed to them.

These magical beings who are part human will be extremely adept at healing, whether they specialize in actual medical practice, herbal alternatives, or even massage.

Now that you know how to spot fairies, do you know anyone who fits the bill? Maybe you are one and just starting to discover your magic.

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