Dream Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide

Dream Analysis: A Beginner's Guide
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Why dream analysis is important

Although dreams are one of the least understood functions of the body, they are a universal human experience. Whether you believe a larger psychic connection is at play or that dreams are simply a function of the subconscious that processes information, it’s hard to deny that the images and patterns people see in dreams are often events and emotions from the reflect waking world.

Although dreams are often used for inspiration, they can also be a source of fear. Often a person’s dreams can capture their insecurities and reinforce them. A deeper understanding of the messages in your dreams can not only help you make sense of yourself and the world, but also bypass some of the more negative, anxiety-provoking emotions that can accompany a dream state.

Throughout human history, people have looked to dreams for meaning – as a source of hope, as a form of prophecy, and as a form of intuition. Whether it is a psychic or psychological phenomenon, it certainly seems undeniable that they have some form of meaning, with dream analysis finding its way into psychology, history and culture in general.

While dream symbolism can vary widely depending on a person’s background and life experiences, there are some universal elements that seem to be repeated in dreams around the world. For example, things like flying, losing teeth, or being hunted are all common themes that pop up everywhere.

First steps with dream analysis

At the beginning of your dream analysis journey, it is important to do some preliminary work.

practice awareness

To better understand your dreams, you must acknowledge them while you are awake. Lucid dreaming, the practice of bringing your mind into a waking state while you are still asleep, is one way to do this. Mastering this allows a person some level of control over their dreams. Of course, mastering this skill is not a requirement. However, there is much to be learned from some of the practices involved. Start being more conscious and thoughtful while awake. The first steps toward lucid dreaming involve practicing mindfulness and meditation to increase your self-awareness about your state of being in each moment, a skill that can help you remember and understand your dreams so you can use them more accurately can analyze.

In your waking life, start paying attention to things like the time, your mood, the weather, and the animals and symbols you see out in the real world. This can help you see things in your dreams and it can lead you to look for and psychoanalyze patterns in your everyday life.

Set up your sleeping place

Preparing your sleeping area is another important part of dream analysis. Keep some paper and a pen nearby so you can write things down as soon as you wake up. But beyond that, there are other steps you can take to bring your dreams more into focus.

Using essential oils or herbs like lavender and star anise before bed can help you with your dreams. Certain crystals such as amethyst and labradorite are also excellent for channeling and clearing dream messages. Keep these things on and near where you sleep to improve your psychic abilities.

Keep a diary

As mentioned above, keeping stationery close by is often very helpful. This is because keeping a dream journal is an essential part of dream analysis – and not just for writing down what is happening in your dreams. Write about the things in your life that connect with your dreams. The more you do this, the stronger these connections become and the easier it becomes to identify these links. While this step may feel meaningless, it is an important part of the larger dream analysis process. It helps you keep track of your dreams so you can look for patterns, similarities, and walkthroughs.

Look to your ancestors

Cultures around the world also have unique rituals about dreams, as well as their own forms of symbology. When you learn about dream analysis, go back to your roots. What do your ancestors and their cultures say about different symbols and themes? This is an especially good way to analyze symbols when you can’t figure out how they fit into your life. If you have unanswered questions about an image or symbol appearing in a dream, the past may have just the answers you are looking for.

Let us turn to dream analysis

A deeper understanding of dreams can help people get to know themselves better, and it can help them re-examine their connection to their moods, their surroundings, and the people around them. Though it may seem intimidating, with the support of these basic habits—from practicing mindfulness to using tools to looking back—dream analysis is easier than ever. If you’re still struggling to understand the process, or if you need help understanding a specific dream, a dream analysis medical professional can provide you with clarity and identify any connections you may have missed.

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