Dream Analysis and How It Works: Psychic Interview

Dream Analysis and How It Works: Psychic Interview
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It’s not uncommon to experience vivid dreams – dreams that may turn out to be meaningful, even if you’re not sure why. Maybe the dream is extremely clear and detailed, or maybe it’s scary and disturbing. Maybe it’s neither, and it’s all about the energy of the dream.

Sometimes these dreams are our subconscious reaching out to us, but other times they bring messages from Spirit, departed loved ones, or other higher powers. Unfortunately, these messages are not always easy to identify, let alone understand. Luckily, you don’t have to solve it on your own in this case. There are dream analysis experts and by talking to one you can find out what the universe is trying to tell you.

But how can you distinguish a normal dream from a message and what exactly does dream analysis involve? It can be difficult to know when to turn to a dream analysis medium for help. Fortunately, California Psychics was able to speak to an expert, Psychic Scarlet, who answered these questions and more.

Editor’s note: Some elements of this interview have been edited for clarity and brevity.

CP: How does dream analysis work?

Psychic Scarlet: Dream analysis works by analyzing signs, symbols, people, objects, etc. that have been presented in a dream. Everything matters, whether a shirt was cotton or silk, or the same shirt has buttons or a zipper. There is symbology that leads to deeper meanings and messages than just the average element of thought. So, for example, if someone saw an ex-boyfriend in a dream, what does it mean? What did he say or wear?

All the elements come together when it comes to making sense. Keeping a dream journal is extremely important if you really want to begin true analysis, as it can help you spot patterns and messages that may seem small at the time. In particular, repetitive dreams are the most important ones to look out for as there can be an element of them that is beginning to fit into the prophetic realm, meaning they can be a prophecy or a prediction of the future that is warning should the person or help in any way. In my experience, these are some of the most fascinating dreams. Dream analysis is one of the best ways to examine issues that may be being repressed or repressed deep in the subconscious.

CP: How do I know when to consult a dream analysis expert?

Psychic Scarlet:
When you have dreams that are extremely vivid, exciting, or even disturbing—but particularly repetitive—then the universe is attempting to convey a message that can be analyzed and meaning identified.

There are times when dream analysis can help… determine a person’s current state of mind, whether it is something that is manifesting in their sleep, such as: [anxiety], or even that something good is on the way. There are times when analyzing a dream can actually give you reassurance that it is stopping because the universe has finally been able to ensure its message got through. It can also be messages in dreams from those who have passed away and need to make contact, using the stillness of the night and the connection to the subconscious. These are rare moments but truly priceless when identified.

CP: How can I prepare for a dream analysis reading?

Psychic Scarlet:
You can prepare by sitting in an area free of distractions and try to remember every aspect, every detail of the dream as best you can and then write it down before you call. If you find that you have been plagued by strange or repetitive dreams (etc.), it may be most helpful to keep a dream journal by your bedside or even record a voice memo on your phone as soon as you wake up so that everything is fresh in the Head.

But if that’s not possible, the best way to get the most out of your reading is to quiet your conscious and subconscious and try to remember all the details you need to share with your analyst. This is not usually a rushed or quick process, so make sure you allow a reasonable amount of time to really get the most out of the experience.

CP: What can I expect from a dream analysis reading?

Psychic Scarlet:
You can expect to get details of your dreams that may seem extraordinary when you hear the explanations of things. For example, if you saw a snake in your dream, maybe you are scared or think that it would represent something scary. But what did it do? Was it hissing, hurting you or someone you love, or was it just being present? In fact, it’s a great sign of wisdom…to prepare for clarity and the ability…to be flexible and change for the better in whatever situation you’re in right now – a kind of rejuvenation. Was it also one or more snakes?

To dream of seeing a man you love with another woman does not necessarily mean that he is cheating. The female form in a dream is the representation of the goddess of love and nurturing energy, so it may very well be a dream showing you that your relationship is about to have more loving moments and be nurtured by the universe.

Each symbol is important, and depending on the other elements of the dream, the story unfolds in a reading specific only to the person. Did you recognize the woman etc.? you get the picture

Each detail can be examined and explained in a way that provides clarity and otherworldly messages, so it will help the dream analyst to have as many of the symbols and recognizable elements of the dream as possible to talk about. If you can only remember a few things, you can still deliver messages, but you can get the most out of your reading by taking your time and writing everything down, sometimes over time if you experience the dream more than once.

If it was only once and is in your head and fresh then it may be best to call as early as possible.

CP: What are the benefits of dream analysis?

Psychic Scarlet:
The benefits of dream analysis are…a deeper understanding of what the universe or [a deceased loved one] trying to get through to you on an unconscious vibration… There are so many distractions in our waking hours that keep us from letting messages from the beyond penetrate through to us, but in the stillness of the sleeping hours, they are the times that are best for uninterrupted messages flowing through the cosmos into our minds and for the universe to have a direct connection to help, warn us or simply inform us of what is to come.

While any dream can benefit from the insights of a dream analysis expert, some dreams are particularly meaningful, disturbing, or difficult to understand. If that happens, or if Psychic Scarlet’s descriptions resonate with you, it may be time to write down your observations and speak to a psychic for dream analysis.

There is more to your dreams than you think! Therefore, a dream analysis reading can get to the bottom of your dreams and what they say about your past, present, and future. Our dream analysis psychics know that no two dreams are the same. Aren’t you curious about your dreams? Learn more about our psychics from real testimonials and read ours Dream Analysis Blog. find one Dream analysis clairvoyant or learn more about Dream Analysis Readings today.

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