Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread: Guide & Example

Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread: Guide & Example
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Why look for a Dream Interpretation Tarot Pad?

Some dreams just seem to be “high amplitude.” What does that mean? Well, occasionally dreams wake us up with questions – and by investigating those questions, sometimes we can find real answers.

These high amplitude dreams often feel relevant to our daily lives. They haunt us throughout the day until we listen, look and wait for our souls to tell us their meaning! Unfortunately, however, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what our dreams are trying to tell us! If this is the case, it may be necessary to seek outside help. Fortunately, tarot is actually one of the greatest tools we can use to decipher dreams.

An example of a meaningful dream

Jennifer had been looking for a new place to live for months and was frustrated with the process. The tight housing market combined with rising prices seemed to leave her with fewer and fewer choices. Feeling pressured and discouraged, she fell asleep one night in a state of anxiety and despair, worried about finding a solution to her housing problem.

That night she had an unusual dream.

In Jennifer’s dream, her long-dead grandmother stood in a short-sleeved sundress in an empty, vacant room. In fact, it seemed like the kind of dress you’d wear during the peak of the hot season – the middle of summer. It was spacious and pleasantly cool in the building.

When Jennifer entered the room, they “mentally” greeted each other. That is, they did so without saying a word. The “feeling” of greeting (clair-sensibility) was loving and joyful. Her grandmother broke the news that two houses near Jennifer were available and suitable for her. Jennifer’s problem was about to be solved.

This may sound simple, but pay attention to the details of the dream. There’s more to it than meets the eye!

The details of the dream indicated that this development would occur sometime in midsummer, as shown by her grandmother’s dress. The appearance of the house would be spacious and tidy, as evidenced by the coolness and openness of the room in the dream.

Additional images provided by the dream were hardwood floors and the sight of an older, solidly constructed building. It had many windows and lots of light. A fresh breeze blew through the windows, circulating clear, healthy air. The building seemed calm.

Within the next week, Jennifer discovered two references to different houses, both of which had the look and feel of the ones in her dream. The symbolism of the dream showed sustainability, health and peace. Jennifer saw all of those qualities in both places, so she signed with whichever one she liked best.

Jennifer felt that her grandmother had offered her help through a dream message and guided Jennifer to these vacancies. She then vowed to pay more attention to her dreams and to work more consistently and consciously with Spirit to solve challenges in the future.

If you have a dream about a loved one, or even just a dream that seems unusual or significant, you may find an unpacking message there. Don’t let it pass you by – investigate and reflect.

A six card Dream Interpretation tarot

For a dream you wish to examine, tarot can help. Use this spread for a recent dream you want to decipher!

Shuffle the cards well, then lay them out in a diamond shape with cards one, two, and three arranged top left to right. Cards four and five should be underneath on either side of the diamond, and card six should be placed bottom center, forming the lowest point of the diamond.

Meditate on the dream you wish to interpret while shuffling the cards and dealing the spread. Place the cards face down in the diamond shape described above and start reading from left to right at the top.

Card One: The Dream

The Empress

This card summarizes the dream as a whole. What happened? Who was in it, where were you and how did it make you feel? Jennifer’s dream indicated that she would soon settle into her own home and that it would be a place of creativity and tranquility. The Empress’s card revealed that she would feel calm and safe in her surroundings.

Card Two: The reason for the dream

Nine of Wands

What was your consciousness missing and hungering for when you had the dream?

Jennifer felt like she was fighting this battle alone. The Nine of Wands reflected her state of mind. It seemed like no one could give her the information she needed to find a better living environment. The dream told her that she was getting help from higher sources and that consciously connecting with them could help her find a good solution quickly.

Card Three: The meaning of the dream

Ace of Coins

Jennifer’s dream told her that a solution was at hand. She should not give up her search. She would receive “supernatural” help with her dilemma. The suit of Pentacles signifies the element of earth, as well as housing and real estate. Jennifer got the ace of pentagram. In the context of her dream, this suggests that her dream was telling her that something beautiful would fall into her lap if she didn’t give up her quest. It also hinted that she would have the necessary material resources to pay for it.

Card 4: The message from your subconscious and your higher mind

The hanged

All tarot cards can be read on both a literal and archetypal level. What other parts of your mind spoke to you in your dream? What messages did they offer?

Jennifer’s subconscious was telling her that she needed a healthier, calmer environment. At the same time, her superconscious informed her that she was receiving spiritual guidance as to what that environment would be like and where to find it. She was instructed to openly listen to her intuition and then proceed. The Hanged Man’s card instructed her to surrender to the trial.

Card five: A question about the dream

The High Priestess

Ask the dream something you really need to know. Be as specific as possible.

In dreams, even small details carry important messages. Jennifer asked, “Why was my grandmother, who died 20 years ago, in my dream? And what does that say about my housing crisis?” The High Priestess told Jennifer that she could trust her intuitive guidance. There she would get her answers. It also indicated that her Higher Self was asking her to tap into spiritual sources for support.

Card Six: Specific guidance from the dream

the recluse

Are you being told to go somewhere, talk to a specific person, or take some other specific action? Are you being asked to work more with Spirit? Who is the leader in your council? Was one of them in the dream? The hermit is telling you to go within and take time for quiet reflection so you can hear what your higher self and all enlightened beings have to say. Jennifer found that she was beginning a cycle of increasing spiritual awareness. Her dream informed her that the more she used spiritual resources like prayer, meditation, and visualization, the better the results would be!

Do all dreams mean something?

Some dreams can have little meaning. Just make sure you don’t jump to conclusions. Jungian psychology tells us that even those small sights, smells, and images that appear like mere dream fragments can be charged with meaning.

If you are unsure whether a dream means something, tarot can help you gain insight into your intuitive powers and future experiences. You just have to give the cards the time and space to reveal their answers to you. If you do, the rewards and benefits will be yours.

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