Elementary attunement for beginners | Californian psychics

Elementary attunement for beginners |  Californian psychics
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An introduction to elementary attunement

Many people divide the world into four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water. However, there is also a fifth element – the spirit element. These elements were fundamental to Egyptian mythologies, tarot, astrology and various religions. They are also believed to be associated with the Earth’s seasons and can affect the balance within a circle (or five-pointed star).

The introduction of these four elements is attributed to the Sicilian philosopher Empedocles in the fifth century BC. attributed. The concept of the four elements was later taught by the philosopher Aristotle in ancient Greece. He also played a role in introducing the fifth element, spirit. Notably, his theory and use of the element Spirit differs from that of the other four elements that occur naturally. In many ways, Spirit can be seen as the glue that holds everything together.

Elementary attunement rituals

A simple and helpful balancing and grounding ritual is to light a candle. This is a great beginning ritual to connect with the elements as it involves all four basic elements and possibly even Spirit.

Use a candle for this exercise – any candle will do. Hold it in your hands and set your intentions on the candle. Do you have a prayer or a simple request? If so, note that you have already introduced the Spirit element into the exercise.

Now, while holding the candle in your hands, pay attention to its solid shape. The hard wax candle represents the earth. Now light your candle. Bring the fire element to the wick and watch as it begins to burn. Then, by holding your hand a few inches above the flame, feel the element of air while identifying the energy released in the form of heat. Finally, notice how the wax melts and begins to pool like a small pond. This is the element of water.

Why Elementary Attunement Matters

Now that you have a basic background and understanding of the five elements, why is it important to know?

Well, in every human being there is a balance of the elements. Our physical existence is the element of earth. Our emotions and compassion are associated with water, while our intellect and creativity are associated with the element of air. After all, our passion and our motivation are connected to the element of fire.

Cultivating your ability to see the world in terms of the elements can help you discover divine balance. When you have a sense of the four basic energies, you will lead a more balanced life. If you’re feeling a little lethargic and unmotivated, you may find that your “fire” is lower than it should be. Perhaps a day at the beach under the sun or some time in front of the fireplace will help warm your soul and restore balance. Likewise, it is possible that your water energy is running high when you are having an emotional day filled with tears and sadness. Embarking on an inspirational creative project like painting or crafting could bring a little air energy into your life and carry away some of the heavy water that weighs you down.

Here’s a handy guide to some of the element equivalents:


  • Heading north
  • Colour: green or brown
  • Keywords: grounding, solidity, empowerment, money, finance
  • Natural objects: stones, mountains, trees, soil, vegetables, earth, bears


  • Eastbound
  • Colour: white or yellow
  • Key words: intellect, creativity, inspiration, art, legal issues, new projects
  • Natural objects: feathers, incense, wind, scents, birds


  • Direction: south
  • Red color
  • Keywords: passion, love, vitality, eruption, energy, courage
  • Natural objects: volcanoes, campfires, candles, sunsets, fireworks, sun, snakes, fireflies, dragons


  • Direction: west
  • Colour blue
  • Keywords: Emotions, Healing, Purification, Calm, Intuition
  • Natural objects: ocean, waves, streams, moon, mermaids, nautical items, boats, fish, dolphins

Just as we are all unique beings, everything in our natural environment is different. Every tree, person, animal, and even every meal you eat reflects the elements. When you can see the shifting of the elements throughout creation, you become more adept at relating to and identifying your surroundings.

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