Elves are real – how you see them

Elves are real - how you see them
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Elves are real! These mystical beings and creatures of the unknown have always held a special place in my heart! When people ask me “do elves exist”, there is plenty of evidence to prove “yes they are!”. You just have to know where and what to look for! In this article I will reveal the mysteries of the secret life of the elves.

What are elves

Elves are magical creatures that came from the frozen lands of the ancient north in a time before all time. Formed from light, these supernatural beings are also known as “elementals” or “nature spirits.” They exist in a realm parallel to ours called the “City of Eternal Bliss,” and the gateway to that city exists only in densely forested areas untouched by humans. In the city of elves, all dreams come true, all needs are met and every wish is fulfilled.

Elves love trees. They understand that trees are wise, immobile beings who spend their entire lives in meditation. It is said that great elven sages are reborn as trees after their journey through the elves is over.

How to recognize elves

Elves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are known to be incredibly beautiful. They can be blonde or dark-haired and have delicate, graceful features. They have large, expressive eyes, light porcelain skin, high cheekbones, and pointed ears. They have an athletic build and there is little difference between male and female elves.

The Activities Elves Love

Elves love music and are very talented at playing musical instruments. Elvish music is very melodic and enchanting and very heavenly and entrancing. Elves tell each other stories of their travels through their songs and music. It is said that when people hear the sound of Elvish music, they go into a trance-like state because it is like an aphrodisiac to their senses.

As artistic and creative beings, they love to dance in meadows. They dance in a sort of ring formation that causes a circular discoloration in the part of the grassy meadow they dance on. So the next time you take a walk in the woods on a beautiful spring morning, keep an eye out for those imprinted circles on the dew-soaked meadow.

If you’re walking through the forest on a moonlit night and happen to come across a dancing family of elves, quickly look away. Elves don’t like being interrupted, especially by humans. Like Elvish music, their dancing seems to enrapture people. So if you stay to watch, without even realizing what may seem like a few minutes, are actually hours and hours past.

Where to find elves

Elves are very secretive by nature and prefer to be secluded from other living beings. They don’t like being disturbed in their activities, but if you’re lucky, you may find elves amidst the new blooms in a dense forest on a damp spring night. They are also known to enjoy a tranquil summer swim in a babbling brook.

Although elves rarely allow themselves to be seen by humans, they can choose to be able to see them. Children whose minds have not been corrupted by the cynicism of the world and who have not lost their sense of wonder can see elves very easily. Children born on a Sunday are also more likely to see them.

Being able to see elves is a gift that an elf can give you. Since I was lucky enough to see them several times in my life, I know that elves exist. If you keep trying to see them with pure hearts and pure intentions, you will also discover the reality that elves are real!

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