Emotional sensitivity makes you stronger

Emotional sensitivity makes you stronger
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The stigma surrounding emotional sensitivity

The myth that emotional sensitivity is a weakness is pervasive in most Western societies. This arguably says more about what these cultures value and understand than about emotional sensitivity itself. Sensitivity is not very compatible with the demands of late capitalism, nor does it fare well in a world where stimulus levels are constantly rising. However, none of these things define strength. So let’s examine how sensitivity actually points towards strength and not away from it.

Sensitivity is a heightened awareness of the energies and feelings around and within you. There are a plethora of ways people experience and respond to emotional sensitivity. These include taking charge of other people’s feelings, physical pain or discomfort due to tension or other uncomfortable dynamics, choosing to withdraw before being negatively influenced, or relying on your own boundaries to protect you from doing things too badly feel or participate that do not I will not serve you.

As the gateway to many spiritual methods of world navigation, emotional sensitivity is something of a superpower. It is often confused with weakness because it is not always easy to deal with. You need to build the necessary skills and understanding to use it. Otherwise, you could be at his mercy. But once you’ve done that, emotional sensitivity is an extremely useful tool for taking stock of your surroundings and deciding how to proceed.

The virtues of emotional sensitivity

Being in touch and having the ability to share emotions and vulnerable truths is a key indicator of sensitivity. These are signs that someone knows themselves and is happy to offer that knowledge to others in order to create a meaningful connection. Vulnerability often comes with the risk of rejection, something most people deeply fear. While most sensitive people will hopefully develop the ability to recognize when such vulnerability is safe, their propensity to share can quite often put them at risk of being rejected. Facing this shared fear takes strength and courage that some can never muster.

Sensitive people are also more likely to feel empathy for others, which gives them a better understanding of other people’s plights and can also strengthen their relationships. When you understand the struggles of your loved ones, you’re less likely to take something personally when it’s not about you. In turn, if you have strong relationships, chances are you have a solid support network. An understanding of other people’s motivations and a strong support network are powerful ingredients for resilience.

People with emotional sensitivity often understand the benefits of slowing down and taking their time. As a result, they tend to appreciate and absorb their surroundings more. This can increase their sense of satisfaction and contentment, which can also lead to greater resilience.

Emotional sensitivity needs a backbone of steel

Living as a sensitive person in a culture that devalues ​​emotional sensitivity can be difficult. In a society that places almost all emphasis on logic, facts, and evidence, the inexplicable is viewed as inferior, if not false or stupid.

Sensitive people often have a strong relationship with their intuition. In this context, intuition is a way of inherent knowing or understanding without conscious thought. Of course, logic, facts, and evidence are indeed useful tools for inference and knowledge acquisition. However, they are not the only tools. Current culture has caused many people to disregard the information they receive through their sensitivity. This is unfortunate because it means that modern culture is missing out on valuable information that could otherwise benefit it. The emotional and mental health crises currently plaguing society could be at least somewhat alleviated if people were not consistently told to disregard – or worse – repress their collective sensibilities.

Another difficulty that comes with emotional sensitivity is the extent to which you are affected by the world around you. As you learn to manage this challenge, if you haven’t already, you can develop a repertoire of self-care tools to keep yourself balanced. Knowing how to soothe yourself is an underappreciated and hugely important skill if you want to live a resilient life. Strength isn’t just about never being knocked down. It’s about recovering and coming back better than ever. Self-care tools can help you with this.

Be proud of your sensitivity

The current demands of western society are probably untenable and unreasonable for every human being. Sensitive people may struggle on the outside, but less sensitive people can still struggle in other, less obvious ways. Ultimately, taking breaks or limiting exposure to stimuli isn’t weak. Likewise, being in touch with one’s emotions is not a sign of excessive fragility. These are side effects of sensitivity in a culture not made for sensitive people. The way sensitive people adapt to their environment requires tenacity and resilience. As it turns out, strength is a much more nuanced concept than most people have led us to believe.

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