Falling dreams and what they mean

Falling dreams and what they mean
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The meaning of falling dreams

There are many different types of dreams, but one of the most common – and most confusing – is the falling dream. Consider this: you are in the middle of a dream (sometimes pleasant, sometimes not) when you suddenly fall. Falling dreams can be alarming. Luckily, if you understand what the dream is trying to tell you, you can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that can accompany it.

So what does it mean when you fall into a dream? Well, this type of dream can have many different interpretations, usually influenced by the factors surrounding the fall. As with any dream interpretation, context matters. However, falling dreams are usually related to something you are worried about.

Wake up before you touch the ground

One of the most common falling dreams is the way you wake up before hitting the ground. This can be annoying and unsettling. You may wake up in a cold sweat, clutching at the sheets and kicking away the covers until you realize you’re safe and that the fall was just a dream.

It turns out there’s a veil between the dream world and the waking world, at least for our brains. Sometimes when you dream about falling, your brain thinks it’s actually happening and jolts you awake with a rush of adrenaline, resulting in what’s known as a hypnotic jolt. This connection between your physical body and your dreaming experiences can be the reason you dream about falling, only to wake up before hitting the ground.

falling in the dark

A dream about falling in the dark can be quite scary. Since shadows can often represent the unknown, these dreams could mean that you are plagued by insecurity. When you have a big decision ahead of you or you are unsure of what you want to do next, dreaming of falling in the dark can be your mind’s way of manifesting that fear.

Be thrust into a dream

What if you dream about falling after someone pushed you from something? Your mind could pick anyone from a rude stranger on the subway to someone dear to you at the edge of a cliff. In this case, pay close attention to the identity of the person in your dream. If it’s someone you know, chances are they’ve recently hurt you or put you down. You may not have your best interests in mind. Alternatively, it’s also possible that your company triggers a latent feeling of insecurity deep within you.

If you’ve been pushed by a stranger, you might be wary of someone new. Also, the dream can be a warning about an unknown person in your future. On the other hand, stumbling and falling can mean that you are afraid of making mistakes and at risk of self-sabotage.

fall through the sky

Like dreams about you falling into the dark, a dream about falling through the clouds can symbolize your journey into the unknown. The clouds themselves can provide some pillowy comfort and let you know it’s going to be okay. This type of dream can represent an upcoming change in your life, positive or negative.

Fall into the water

If you dream about falling into the water, the meaning of it largely depends on how you feel when you are submerged. are you calm and composed Or are you struggling to stay afloat? A dream in which you are “going with the flow” may represent your willingness to accept anything that comes your way. On the other hand, if you are struggling in water you may be feeling overwhelmed in your waking life.

Fall and hit the ground

Falling and hitting the ground in your dream can be a painful experience. The pain may mimic an actual distress you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) in your waking life. If in a dream you fall to the ground and don’t get hurt, it can be evidence of your ability to pick yourself up and move on, even after a disappointment.

Prevent falling dreams

The disconnect between actual and perceived danger can make it difficult to decipher what your falling dream means. Unfortunately, falling dreams are often associated with negative emotions, in stark contrast to flying dreams, which often indicate positive feelings. Ultimately, if you want to understand your falling dreams, you need to find out if your negative feelings are based in reality. There may be a serious concern that you need to address, or it could just be a random fear that invades the dream world.

If you want to prevent falling dreams, you should create a calming nighttime routine. This may include a break from screens and electronics. You may also want to surround yourself with relaxing scents and play soothing sounds like soft music or ocean waves. Keeping a dream journal can help you decipher the cause of these falling dreams so you can create a plan of action. Notice how you feel before and after you wake up. The answers could be right in front of you!

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