Find a Crystal for Emotional Healing: A Complete List

Find a Crystal for Emotional Healing: A Complete List
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Crystals for Emotional Healing

Being in love can be exhilarating and take you to dizzying heights. Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work out and you have to go through the dreaded breakup. These are never easy, even when ending the relationship is in everyone’s best interest.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with breakups and the heartbreak that comes with them. However, self-care and spiritual practice are two particularly common methods, and by adding some of the following emotional healing crystals to your arsenal, you can help yourself feel better and open yourself up to love again.

rose quartz

Let’s start with a stone that most crystal collectors already have in their collection: rose quartz. If you don’t have any crystals at all, this is an excellent starting point for your collection. This emotional healing crystal has an energy as gentle as a hug. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not powerful, you’d be wrong. Rose Quartz is all about acceptance and self-love, which is necessary when recovering from heartbreak.


Another common crystal used by experts is the beautiful amethyst. If you are feeling anxious about a relationship, a breakup, or both, this emotional healing crystal should be one of the first stones you grasp. Spend some time meditating with it – as a stone of clarity, amethyst can help you when you are overthinking or feeling overwhelmed by thoughts and memories.


If you’ve been in a relationship with someone, chances are you’ve been spending time in each other’s homes. Therefore, it is very likely that you have some residual energy in your home. Place some selenite pieces or wands around your home to absorb this leftover energy and bring a sense of calm and peace to your sanctuary.


If you’re still a ball of emotions and feel like you can’t find your center, then seek out Septarian to help you ground and balance yourself. This stone is self-nourishing and calming, aligning your emotions with your intellect. If you want to text or call your ex, try holding a septar stone while doing some breathing exercises. This emotional healing crystal can help you redirect your energy into something more affirming.

Orange Calcite

With the appearance of a slice of sun-ripened orange, this emotional healing crystal just screams happiness! Work with this stone if you just want to hide under the covers and eat ice cream. Its gentle but lingering energy will get you out of your shell and back outside to enjoy life and hang out with friends again.

lapis lazuli

Breakups can often leave people feeling like they have no control over their lives or destiny. Luckily, lapis lazuli is all about taking back your power and standing in your truth. This is especially helpful right after a breakup, as it can give you the strength to move forward so you don’t end up stagnant.


This somewhat rare stone is amazingly gentle and can offer you support and emotional guidance while opening the heart chakra. This emotional healing crystal can give you the power to forgive yourself and others. Pargasite is valued for its ability to help people control self-sabotaging feelings of jealousy and low self-esteem.


A powerful heart healer, this deep green crystal encourages living in the present rather than getting lost in the past. Dioptase resolves feelings of betrayal, sadness, sorrow and abandonment. This emotional healing crystal can help people release unhealthy tendencies and reduce their desperation for love.


A stone of action, pyrite increases motivation, which can help you get up and move when you need it. Pyrite can bring confidence, making it an ideal crystal to pick up immediately after a breakup if you want a stone to energize you and help you get your mojo back.

Ruby in the moonstone

This is an amazing combination of stones that is great for healing broken hearts. It can help you overcome the pain and further develop your compassion. That doesn’t mean it makes you a doormat—if anything, it helps you see the difference between being a doormat and having compassion for others.

Choose a crystal for emotional healing

There are so many stones and crystals that can help you through this difficult time. If you’re looking to select a crystal for emotional healing (or maybe even a pair) then stop by a local store and see which stones are calling out to you. Start with these and work through the healing with them so you can find the relationship of your dreams!

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