Hawk Symbolism — Amanda Linette Meder

Hawk Symbolism — Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – It’s Time To Take The Lead

According to, Hawks can represent your ability to lead.

If you are seeing Hawks often, this may be the Universe’s way to suggest it’s time to focus on your leadership skills.

Using your leadership skills, sharing them with others, learning more about leadership can all be great ways to act on this sign.

2 – Tap Into Intelligence And Rational Forethought

Behaviorists have observed Hawks displaying actions that appear similar to planning.

Based on this Wikipedia definition, planning and strategy is a process of forethinking regarding the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It is a logical mental activity that requires thought acuity.

Seeing a Hawk may symbolize you’ve been blessed with similar acuity for forethinking and reminding you to use your mental intelligence, along with emotion, to make your decisions.

A sign it’s time to think about a situation with a rational mind, using logic and planned foresight.

3 – You Have Acute Vision And Clairvoyance

Hawks have excellent vision. Their visual acuity is thought to be 8x that of humans and they can see a single mouse from over 100ft up in the air.

They also often appear as animal messenger Spirit Guides in clairvoyant readings, and as such they are often associated with clairvoyance.

Having excellent vision in the physical realm, and as a present character in the astral realm, seeing a Hawk can be a sign that you have great long range vision and clairvoyance, too, and it’s time to tap into it.

4 – Messages from the Spirit World Await You

In Celtic symbolism, Hawks are seen as messengers from the other realms. They often appear as messenger guides for people working in shamanic journeying, or in mediumship, to relay insight between the worlds.

Seeing a Hawk can be a sign there is a spiritual message for you.

A great way to receive this message is to do a quick meditation and after three deep breaths, clear your mind and ask for a message – what do you sense? Journaling and free thought, and then asking for a message, is another great way to receive.

For more assistance on getting a spiritual message, see the Spiritual Gateway Series.

In The Member Center? Check out a Connecting with your Spirit Guide meditation.

5 – Utilize The Power of Focus

Seeing a Hawk can symbolize that it’s time to remove and avoid all distractions – target your goal. Hawks can be a reminder of the power of focused action in any situation.

If you have arrived at a point of indecision, a Hawk can be a guide to remind you the best ways to focus to take clear steps forward.

6 – Take A Wide Angle View

Seeing a Hawk can symbolize that it is time for you to take a higher perspective. Hawks soar very high up above the trees. They observe the landscape from a higher perspective.

Hawks also scan their environment for resources. Looking at any current situation from a bird’s eye view, to get a larger take on things as they are, may help you find what you need.

7 – Decisive Swift Action Wins The Day

Hawks can wait and wait until the time is exactly right to act – until then, they don’t act.

Even if you have waited until the last moment to act, a Hawk can be a reminder that one swift action, at the right time, can be a lot smarter than a thousand small actions, at the wrong times.

In other words, using Hawk-like hunting behavior right now can save you time and money. Seeing a Hawk can be a reminder to wait to act until it is instinctually right and primed to make a decision, and then, take your swift action immediately after – but never before.

8 – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Hawks have sharp observational skills. Seeing a Hawk can symbolize it is time to sharpen your skills for observation, too.

Analyze and develop a keen awareness of your local environment. These are skills that are being heightened in you and would be useful to you right now.

9 – A Symbol Of Careful, Cautious Preparation

Hawks can be reminders to consider the moment carefully. When they hunt, they take time to think about what they are going to do, making decisions internally on the best time to take that dive or move on.

They don’t waste a moment telling all the other Hawks about it ahead of time. They just take that dive or move on.

Seeing a Hawk can mean that it’s important to consider and prepare your moves before you make them.

10 – Time For Solitude

As Hawks are often solitary birds, with exceptions, they can be a symbol that you could benefit from taking some solitude time yourself.

If your days have been inundated with busyness, perhaps it is time to step back from the chaos. Seeing a Hawk can be a sign that quiet time would be a useful implementation in your day.

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