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Someone sent me the following email:

“…There is no other living metaphysical teacher today who has written on the scope of the subjects you address, and it never ceases to amaze me what you write about!

I have a question, will your guides ever work with you to transfer psychic abilities to students who want to increase them several levels very quickly, if someone is intuitive but wants to become exceptionally psychic? Is it possible to transfer this skill from you and your guides in one or two sessions?


The transmission of psychic powers from teacher to student

Thanks for asking Avery! The transmission of psychic powers is both possible and impossible. Let me explain…for example, if you are taking a psychic development class with a teacher who is a highly evolved medium, the psychic teacher will act as a battery and help build the abilities of everyone in the class during the class to enhance. So this is a kind of energy transfer.

But psychic abilities must be developed and practiced in order to become a highly evolved medium. Most importantly, the level to which you will be able to develop your psychic abilities has everything to do with the skills, knowledge AND abilities of the medium teaching you.

As with any profession or calling in life, some people are more advanced and skilled than others. So it is important to find the best possible teacher! You need a psychic who is not only a very experienced psychic but also someone who is advanced in his or her own personal psychic abilities. You also need a teacher who knows how to teach!

So, working with an experienced mentor is the only true way to really develop your psychic abilities and become a really good medium!

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I was blessed to be cared for

I feel very blessed to have been mentored by a psychic master from the age of 12 through my early twenties when my mentor passed into the Great Afterlife.

I will not go into all the details about my mentor here as part of the story about my mentor is available on my website on my About Tana page. You can read about him by clicking here.

I was fortunate to be mentored by one of only about 20 people in the world who had my mentor’s knowledge. May God have mercy on his soul. I am forever grateful to him.

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You can become a certified psychic

I have mentored people on how to develop their psychic abilities during individual private phone training. In case you are interested, there are three levels in my mentoring program, each level lasting 6 months.

This is also a certification program so you will be certified after each level. You can take one level and still have very good, basic psychic abilities, or you can take all 3 levels at the end of which you will have advanced psychic abilities that are as advanced as any professional psychic out there today is!

Completing all three levels also allows you to give readings professionally if you wish, either for additional income or to start a new vocation.

For people who have been mentored and want to further establish themselves as a professional psychic, either part-time or full-time, I even have a 6 month mentoring program to teach you how to advance as a psychic and build your client base, so you have an endless supply of customers! Many of my clients have started new careers as professional psychics or even professional healers and have built very successful psychic and healing practices from this training!

As many of you have been interested in learning more about my mentoring program, here is an overview of what you will have learned after the first 6 months:

Psychic Development – ​​Stage 1

Week 1 – Developing your clairvoyance

– What is clairvoyance?

– Learn to feel the energy around you that others are not paying attention to!

– The importance of cosmic breathing

– How to protect yourself before reading someone

– How to develop your clairvoyance

– How to read a person with clairvoyance, either in person or over the phone

– Plus a few more powerful techniques

Week 2 – Developing your clairaudience

– What is clairaudience?

– Learn to hear the spirit voices around you

– How to distinguish your voice from the voices of guides, angels and other beings of light

– The right way to invoke guides, angels and other beings of light

– How to hear Spirit messages when they speak to you

– How to clairaudiently read a person, either in person or over the phone!

– And a few more pro tips!

Week 3 – Developing your clairvoyant abilities

– What is clairvoyance?

– How to recognize clairvoyant visions when they occur

– Learning about psychometrics

– The best ways to apply psychometrics

– Understanding symbols or colors you see when using psychometrics

– How to read a person with clairvoyance in person or on the phone

– And a few more professional tips for advanced users

Week 4 – Discovering the human aura

– What is the aura

– Basics of the human aura

– The 3 most important layers of the aura

– How to develop your aura vision like a professional medium

– How to see auras around someone

– How to interpret the different layers and colors of the aura

– How to do an aura reading in person or over the phone

Week 5 – Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

– Understand angels and the different roles they play

– The difference between guides and angels

– How to invoke angels, whatever it takes

– How to do automatic writing

– How to channel the messages of angels and guides

– How to invoke guides and angels during a reading

– The basics for an angel reading in person or over the phone

Week 6 – Fine tuning what has been learned

– You will learn some different reading techniques that you can use

– We will answer any questions you have about anything you have learned over the following 5 weeks

– Advanced tips to deepen everything you just learned

– And a few more surprises

As you can see, I hold nothing back during this mentoring and training. And I have to say that the style of teaching my mentor taught me allows both beginners and advanced learners to easily assimilate these teachings and learn them very quickly.

In fact, my students learn so well in each training session that they very rarely email me with questions in between. That’s how quickly a person learns and absorbs what he is taught in each lesson.

But during this training there is unlimited email support to answer any questions you may have while learning, so you are never alone during the entire 6 months.

This certification program is aimed at beginners and advanced users alike. I can guarantee you that most of what you will learn cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So, after completing this program, you will be one step ahead of almost every medium out there today – anywhere in the world! My mentoring program is the Harvard of Psychic Development Training.

For more informations

If you would like more information on this training to become a Level 1 Certified Psychic you can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic page or reply directly to this email with your direct contact number and someone will be calling you all details.

I hope you are having an amazing and very blessed day!

in light and peace,

Tana Hoi

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PS: Here is your love horoscope for September 2022

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