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In “the words of Carlton Sedgwick: The feeling of a soul mate’s warm embrace cannot be put into words. When you find that one true love, nothing in the world compares to the feelings you get when you experience that kind of deep love with another person!”

I received another love success email from one of my clients who had a reading with me just 3 months ago and I wanted to share it with you:

Dear Tana,

You told me love was right around the corner when we spoke over 2 months ago. When I called you to set up a reading I was depressed, I felt lonely and I felt like no one would ever come into my life. After years of being alone, I was ready to accept being alone for the rest of my life!

I remember the first few words you said to me during my very first reading with you a little over 2 months ago. Your first words to me were: “It’s good that you called me back then. Two weeks later and the chance to meet your soulmate would have been gone forever!” You then told me that my angels are guiding me to you because you should tell me where to find my true love!

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You told me we would meet in the next 2 weeks! You told me his first name and you even told me about the cute dimples on his face! You even went so far as to tell me about his favorite “leopard skin” boots!

I didn’t believe you the word! In fact, I was upset when I hung up while reading! So I decided to do what you told me to test you and see if you are as good as people say you are!

Tana he had dimples just like you said he had the name you told me and when I looked down at his shoes I almost peed my pants! He was wearing those “leopard skin” boots you told me he was wearing!

Tana, I have no idea how you know these things, but you are amazing! I’m so sorry I ever doubted you! In the last two months we have hardly been apart!

Thank you Tana and looking forward to our next reading next week!

Roseanna R., Miami, FL.

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I chuckle to myself every time I get an email like this. Because if I had a dollar for each one, I got an email from someone who said they thought I was way off reading this, only to find out later that what I told them came true – I would be a millionaire now!

Thanks for the nice email, Roseanna! I’m so glad you found him!

I hope you enjoyed reading this email!

in light and peace,

Tana Hoi

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PS Here is your money horoscope for September 2022

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