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What is the main reason people experience disappointment, pain, depression, sadness, and other negative, “disappointing” emotions like these? Well, in a few moments I will reveal this to you…

…but first I want to explain to you what makes a person feel these dark negative feelings!

Understanding Energy – Positive and Negative

Negative energy is everywhere! It’s all around you – even as you read this! Positive energy is also everywhere. And it’s all around you right now too!

But negative energy and positive energy are very different, in the sense that most people can sense negative energy around them more easily than positive energy around them! And I’ll explain why!

It’s also not uncommon for the average person to have a psychic feeling about something, but the psychic feeling is usually a negative one. Most people who don’t have a psychic education can easily sense danger, warnings, or “something bad is about to happen!”

But seldom does the average person with little or no psychic training pick up positive psychic feelings like “She’s being proposed and doesn’t know” or “He’s going to get an unexpected promotion!” And I’ll explain why that is!

Why most people only feel negative energy

When you think of negative energy, you think of heavy, dense things like mud. Dark energy is denser energy and it is heavier energy. So it dwells closer to the earth, which is closer to our physical bodies. Negative energy is easier to feel for most people.

On the other hand, positive energy is light as clouds. And since it is a lighter energy, it hovers over our bodies like clouds. Unlike negative energy, which is denser and closer to our bodies, making it easier for most people to feel, positive energy sits higher above us and is harder for an untrained person to grasp.

In order to feel positive energy, a person must raise their vibrational awareness and become aware that they are tuning in to the lighter positive vibrational energy that is hanging over them. And since most people aren’t used to “reaching up” with their thoughts, they instead “reach out” to what’s closest. This is a natural, unconscious reaction.

Because negative energy is denser and closer to Earth, most people find it easier to feel the darker, heavier emotions that negative energy causes.

And when a person keeps “reaching out” with their thoughts (again, this happens unconsciously), they become like “sponges of negative energy” absorbing this dark energy into their souls on a daily basis!

No wonder so many people struggle with depression, lack of confidence, sadness, anxiety, worry, fears, obsessions and the inability to shut off the mind! Because they were never taught to “reach up” and connect with the positive energy instead of “reach out” and absorb all that negative energy!

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Protection is king

First of all, with all the negative energy out there, protection is king. You need to be protected from it or you will keep absorbing it. No one in their right mind would speed down the freeway without wearing a seat belt. So why wouldn’t someone in their right mind want to protect themselves from absorbing all the negative energy around them? Especially when you know how it can affect your body, mind and spirit.

Did you know that they have linked stress to cancer, heart problems, insomnia, a weakened immune system, ulcers, migraines and many other serious health problems? Protecting yourself from negative energy is also an investment in your own health!

Second, negative energy, when absorbed by your own energy, can cause you to feel drained along with all of the above symptoms.

How negative energies feed on negative energy

You may remember a few emails from back when I explained how Deceptive Spirits (DS) thrive and feed off negative energy like a starving person eating at a buffet. Well, when you absorb negative energy from the environment, you run the risk of absorbing some of the “soul essence” of other spirits who feed on negative energy into your own energy as well.

You see, deceptive spirits deceive you, pretend to be your guides or angels, lead you down a path of pain, and then feed on your hurt feelings when you fall by following their deceptive advice.

Like hyenas in the jungle, they do not always kill prey themselves, instead scavenging the jungle for leftover carcasses of previously killed dead animals and feeding on the remains left behind.

Well, unfortunately there are many other types of negative spirits floating around out there that seek out sad, hurtful people and then feed on their unhealed emotional wounds and pain.

Has something emotionally traumatic ever happened to you and you wake up the next day groggy like you have a hangover? If you’ve experienced this, it’s because your energy was being fed by these other negative spirits while you were sleeping.

Then when you woke up you felt drained because they had literally drained you of energy by binge eating!

Thus, if a person is not protected, they can be “eaten” while they sleep, like a hyena feasting on a dead carcass.

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Protection is easy

Protection from negative energy prevents you from being “fed” by negative spirits while you sleep. And it is an easy and relaxing process to be performed on you.

When I do such protection work, I not only protect the person, but also remove any energy barbs (these are different from energy cords) that have lodged in the person’s energy.

Energy barbs are how negative energy “hooks” into your energy field. They hook into your energy like fish hooks. So these must be removed immediately.

Then it is a simple process to place a strong protective shield around the person that protects the person from energy barbs and from negative spirits that feed on their energy. Because once these energy barbs are removed, there is no longer any energy attached to the person for negative spirits to feed on.

This protective shield also prevents further energy barbs from attaching themselves to the person. As a result, the person no longer emits “negative energy food” for these negative spirits to enjoy.

And even if they tried to feast on a shielded person, it would literally break their fangs! For them, it would be like you or I trying to bite into a glass Coke bottle! So once shielded you are protected for a long time.

What you can do to protect yourself

The best way to prevent it from continuing to “eat away” is to shield yourself from these negative spirits. Almost every person out there (with the exception of spiritual gurus, highly qualified spiritual masters, etc.) will benefit from being shielded.

In fact, the best part about being shielded is that not only will it protect you from those negative spirits that feed off your energy at night, but it will also help you have more restful sleep and less anxiety, depression, and other ” disappointment” emotions. And people often comment on how something looks different about you.

Shielding yourself protects you from absorbing the “soul essence” of negative spirits around you. The absorption of negative spirits by the Soul Essence causes people to have mood swings and not feel like themselves, and over the years they lose parts of who they are.

This absorption can literally change a person’s personality over time. People often report that they no longer feel like the carefree, energetic, happy person they used to be. You just start to feel different inside as the years go by!

Being fed and not knowing you’re being fed not only takes away a lot from a person, it also ages people. So when a person has been shielded, others can often see in the person’s face that something is different! You begin to feel lighter, younger, more energetic and carefree again.

People are reporting that they have the same energy as a teenager again!

So if you want to feel better, sleep better, feel younger, look younger, and just feel better overall, I recommend shielding.

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Getting shielded is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So visit here and fill out the form on my Schedule A reading page, and I look forward to helping you get back on track to feeling better, lighter, and happier.

in light and peace,

Tana Hoi


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