Here’s the secret to being happy!

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Did you know that your life path changes about every 3 months? Do you also realize the importance of what this means for your life?

Someone sent me the following email:

Dear Tana,

I’ve been reading with you for over three years now, and I have to tell you that very few bad things ever happen to me in my life! I have found that having a psychic reading with you about every 3 months has really changed my life! I feel happier, my family is happier and everything is going so smoothly!

Is that normal? Because I feel like I’m living in a dream of joy all the time! Even my financial situation has doubled since our first reading! Can you explain to me why that is?

Tammy L

Philly, PA

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The reason I recommend a psychic reading every 3 months is because people’s lives change on a 3 month cycle! This is a law of the universe! It is called the Law of the Three Cycles.” There is a reason for this law that I will explain.

What this universal law of three means

The Universe is a moving rhythm of energy, and as we are a part of it, we are also connected to that moving rhythm! The Law of the Three Cycles constantly fills and renews the rhythm of your life! Otherwise you would stagnate and never grow.

This law also gives you the power to change anything in your life that isn’t going the way you want it to! But the only way to change something is to know in advance! You CANNOT change an event once it has already started. It can only be changed BEFORE it starts! This is very important to remember!

The Law of the Three Cycles gives you the power to change EVERYTHING BEFORE it happens and a psychic reading is a tool that allows you to know about things before they happen!

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THAT is the key to happiness

The key to happiness is being able to avoid bad things and only letting good things happen in your life! When bad things happen, you feel miserable, depressed and can only focus on how to stop the bad thing that is happening in that moment. Your happiness is nowhere to be found when you are in this emotional state of hell!

When good things happen you feel happy, cheerful, more peaceful, more relaxed and the world seems a brighter place! That’s why it’s important to be able to avoid the bad things and only experience the good ones! But how can you do that?

This is why psychic readings are an invaluable tool – because they allow you to see the bad things BEFORE they happen. This way you can AVOID them all together in your life just like Tammy could!

Avoiding bad things in life is the key to your infinite happiness because if you live in a state of happiness all the time, EVERYTHING in your life will change for the better!

I hope that I can soon have the opportunity to read for you to help you become even happier in your life!

in light and peace,

Tana Hoi

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