How do you show appreciation? – Amanda Linette Meder

How do you show appreciation?  – Amanda Linette Meder
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1 – food

Food, Water, and Nutrients Giving food is a great way to show that you value those around you.

Eating and all forms of physical nourishment are universally welcomed ways to show others that you value them and that you want to see them continue to be there.

Consider giving someone you love their favorite treat, bringing them lunch, or making them dinner.

2 – money

Offering money to people and the services and things they offer is a way to vote vigorously for that person and what they offer to remain in your life, allowing you and others to receive the gifts that they share, continue to appreciate.

If someone does not receive money to exist, that person, their service or the product they offer disappears. So if you appreciate a person or something they offer, give money to exist so that it continues to be appreciated.

3 – Positive attention

Show appreciation with attention. Speak positively, donate focused action, and verbally praise what you value. Attention, through words or actions, imparts positive energy to the person and what they create, which usually increases the person’s aura, chi, and life energy.

When a person’s energy is amplified, it becomes larger and allows them to become more of what you value about them, what benefits them, what they offer you and you.

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4 – Think positive thoughts about them

Think positively about what exactly You appreciate someone’s offer. This creates a flow of positive energy from you to them that nourishes both you and that person.

When a person and what they are creating feels ripples of appreciation, they usually respond in kind, sending similar energy back to you and creating a feedback loop of appreciation. They appreciate, they appreciate being appreciated, which reinforces their offer to you.

5 – Give a gift from the heart

Think of the person, product or service they are creating that you value and consider giving a gift. What’s the first gift your heart wants to give? Give that thing to what you value. It can be a resource you have on hand, your time, or words of motivation to keep going.

The point of the gift is not the gift itself, but the gesture of appreciation contained in the object, resource, energy, or gift. When this gift is passed from you to the other, it shows your appreciation.

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