How to Balance Your Root Chakra

How to Balance Your Root Chakra
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What is root chakra?

The contemporary concept of the chakra system traces its origins to the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu traditions. There are seven major chakras, and they are viewed as the body’s pivotal energy centers. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit and means “wheel”. In a balanced system, energy cycles in and out of the body, and travels through the chakras.
The root chakra is the first major chakra in the system. It’s your organization, where energy goes in and out. It extends from the base of the spine through the tailbone. The Root Chakra is connected to the adrenal system, where the fight-or-flight response is activated. This chakra is also part of the Earth’s energy cycle: all food begins some kind of contact with the Earth, and eventually, your body will consume and process the food (physically through the root chakra), and return to Earth to start the cycle again. Just as you trust that there will be more nourishment to start this cycle again, you need to let go of stress, tension and what you cannot bear, trusting that the Universe will provide it, that things will work, and the cycle will begin again. This means that the Root Chakra is closely related to our understanding of our physical needs for food, sleep, feeling safe and moving.

Warning signs that the root of your chakra is blocked

When the Root Chakra is unbalanced or blocked, you can feel unsteady. You may question or undermine your value, find it difficult to focus, or act from an interactive space rather than a central one. This imbalance may be due to excessive activity or stagnation of energy. Signs that your root chakra is out of balance include hoarding resources or fear that you won’t have enough, inability to set limits, disordered eating, depression, anxiety about basic needs (food, shelter, security), and feeling a lack of support from Family, feeling separated from the body, or fear of change.

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Practices to Balance Your Root Chakra

Grounding is an important way to revitalize your root chakra and bring the flow of energy closer to balance. Grounding is the practice of bringing the mind and body into alignment with the present moment, the here and now. It also involves tapping into the energy, pulling the earth, and anchoring yourself in this planetary pulse. The grounding acts as a reminder to use your external power channel, activating your outlet to release what you no longer need to hold or what you cannot carry. This helps prevent overload and fatigue.

Technically, anything that makes you feel down to earth, or gives you the feeling that your mind and body are in line with what’s out there right now, helps you get to your root and bring balance. Some practices to try to balance the Root Chakra are:

  • Lay barefoot on the ground
  • Spending time under the moon
  • Adjust your breath and feel your feet on the ground
  • spending time naked
  • Meditate focusing on the base of your spine and pelvis in relation to the surface below you.

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Additionally, inhaling earthy scents such as cinnamon, ginger, lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, or frankincense can help balance the root chakra. Furthermore, since Root Chakra is associated with the color red, wearing red clothing, and eating naturally red products as well as products that grow underground, such as root vegetables, can help you restore balance to the Chakra Root.

Balance root chakra crystals

The following stones are crystals or stones associated with the root chakra:

  • jasper
  • clear quartz
  • Tiger Eye
  • hematite
  • smoky quartz
  • Lava / Basalt
  • blood stone

Keeping any of these stones close to your body, wearing them, carrying them, looking at them, and directly handling them can help you balance the Root Chakra. A particularly effective way to absorb the energy of a crystal or stone into your root chakra is to meditate while holding the stone, or even better, while lying with the stone above your lower basin, above the root chakra.

Mantras for Root Chakra Balance

The “Oh” sound, which is long and resonates deeply, creates a sense of release from the body and can help release tension and stress and return to a sense of self. Additionally, naming the abundance in your life and the ways your needs are actually being met can help balance the root chakra. Start by saying, “I have…” and then list the constant resources you have access to that are abundant in your life. Make a list of several things you can think of and try to be present with feelings of gratitude and stability. Focusing on what you have helps you live in a place of abundance rather than scarcity. This makes it easy to release and have confidence that you will receive back.

Root Chakra Balancing Exercises

Exercises that promote balance are good for grounding through the root chakra. These include yoga that focuses on the root chakra, tai chi, qi gong, walking along the balance beam or tightrope, standing exercises, and any other physical activity that puts your focus on balance.

Maintain your balance

Maintaining a balanced root chakra will help you stay rooted in your daily life. It’s the foundation of the entire chakra system, so when you feel it’s off center, so do others. So when you feel a little off-center, add one or two of these essential meditations, or talk to one of our psychics to see what works best for you.

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