How to Manifest Love in Your Life: A Guide

How to Manifest Love in Your Life: A Guide
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The search for love

Trying to find love can be frustrating. People search and search, search here and there, and sometimes review places they’ve already been three or four times. Seeking romance is a rewarding pursuit, but to maximize your chances of success, it’s important that you take the right approach in the process. Fortunately, the key to successfully manifesting love is to ground and set your intentions using these strategies.

Manifest love in three steps

There are three steps to manifesting love: thoughts, words and deeds. The first part, of course, is to think about what you desire. Imagine the loving relationship you desire and visualize your soulmate so that you can communicate this clearly to spirit. After that, you need to speak your thoughts out loud and communicate your desires to the universe. Last but not least: do something about it! take action. There are several ways to use this method, but the version below is a quick and effective way to help you find love (and vice versa)!

Step 1: Make a list

First, make a list of the qualities you want your ideal partner to have. Just think of adjectives (strong, independent, elegant, etc.) and jot them down in a neat list, either in a notepad or on your phone—whichever method works best for you. It’s okay to shoot for the moon and write down exactly what you want. Describe who you want to attract and don’t waste time on humility. If money is important to you, ask for someone who has it. You should also consider their personality, family relationships, where they live, and whether they have children from a previous relationship. The universe needs details, so provide as many as you can. If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, think about what you don’t want in a partner, and then write down the opposite qualities.

Also, as you make this list, consider how you want your future partner to make you feel when you finally meet them. The physical and personal details are important, but they pale in comparison to the feelings you will experience spending time with your partner. If you long for security in your relationships, write that down. Alternatively, if you most desire the warm, comforting, and contented feeling that true love brings, write it in big, bold letters for the universe to understand.

Step 2: Read your list aloud

When you feel like you’ve written down as much as you can (remember, you can always add more later), read your list aloud. This is the most important part of the manifestation process because the universe needs to hear you say what you want. So say it, sing it, shout it – whatever you need to do, so you know in your heart that the Universe heard your wishes.

Saying your intentions out loud will not only help the Universe hear you, but it will also help you on a personal level. A 2005 study by British psychologists found that when people say things out loud, they make those ideas their top priority in their minds. So when you read your wish list out loud, you’re more likely to be attracted to people who remind you of that list.

Step 3: Take action

When you’re done, roll up your list like a scroll and tie pink ribbon, thread, or twine around it. (Use pink because it’s the color of love.) Next, go into your bedroom and place your list in the right-hand corner furthest from the door. In feng shui, this is called your partnership bagua.

Another important part of taking action is working to improve yourself. Despite the infamous phrase “opposites attract,” the law of attraction actually states that like attracts like. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a contrasting personality to your partner, but positivity attracts positivity. Of course, if you focus on becoming the kind of affiliate you want to have, you will find that you meet more people who meet your criteria.

Use colors to manifest love

Wearing colors like pink or red signals to the universe that you are ready for the arrival of your soulmate. In Feng Shui, pink and red are the colors of love. So by surrounding yourself with either color or both, you can balance your inner and outer life with your desires.

Any shade is sufficient and does not always have to be visible. They might wear pink or red clothing, jewelry, lingerie, or pajamas. This sends subtle waves of receptivity into the world through your aura that will help you find the key to true love. If you are honest with the universe, it will give you exactly what you want.

If wearing pink or red really isn’t your style, you can also decorate your home with pink as well as flowers and other decor such as cushions, blankets and wall hangings. You can also harness the power of love crystals like rose quartz and ruby, either by carrying them with you or by keeping them near your bed.

Trust the universe to help you find love

It can be easy to get discouraged when you keep hitting dead ends in your search for love. But don’t give up hope: there is more than enough love in the world for everyone. You just have to stay open to it. Trust that the Universe has your back, and as you begin to manifest the love you desire, know that it will not fail you.

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