How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra – Amanda Linette Meder

How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra - Amanda Linette Meder
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3 Meditations to Open the Third Eye Chakra

#1 Disconnect from any source of imbalance

This is a moving meditation and in it you look for any energy that is not loving, any energy that is a form of self hatred or that doesn’t feel like the worth of self to you. In this exercise, rid yourself of anything that encourages shame or the belief that you are not all-that-is incarnated.

The energy that thrives on situations or people that are energetically wrong or bad often looks like a gray or black mist that can hang over a chakra and create a blockage.

It often ends up over the Third Eye Chakra, your filter to the world. So we must free ourselves from every source of non-love in order to give ourselves and others a clear vision.

In this activity I say yes. Simply wiping away the drama, whatever it is in your life, opens the third eye by clearing its lens.

When we focus on what is bad, we naturally focus on gray or imbalanced energies, amplifying them, like dust or mist in the energy field, and polluting the chakras.

In order to connect where your intuitive gifts are accessible, or to see psychic images of them, your energy field needs to feel in complete alignment or balance. That is, all of the messages contained within must be balanced with true vision, love, joy, or bliss.

Clearing your inflow is the best way to start. Cleanse your social media feed or email inbox, then clear your mind to hold a clear vision of the embodiment of love and the belief that everything is.

Keeping your vibrational balance consistently opens the third eye chakra over time in a state of harmony also known as openness.

#2 Visualize seven light bodies along your energy field and activate

When all chakras are open, the Third Eye Chakra works best.

Begin this meditation with three inhalations and exhalations.

Start at the base of your hips and work your way up to the top of your head, Visualize seven evenly spaced golden circular pulsing lights connected by a thread of white light – golden energy.

Imagine them all as equally bright and alive, so much so that it feels like a soft glow is emanating from your body.

When you reach the third eye area, imagine that this room has the greatest radiance of light. Notice if any icons appear here. This could be a message from the universe, or your spirit guides, or anything that is.

Progressive: Visualize each swirling light as the color of that chakra, from red to purple.

#3. Focus on a swirl of indigo energy swirling behind the brow area

Each chakra is a vortex of energy that swirls in a clockwise direction, known as emanating energy.

After moving into a comfortable sitting or standing position, if you haven’t already –

Imagine a swirl of indigo light swirling outward from your brow area to about a foot or ⅓ meter in all directions from your cranial area.

To reinforce this move, imagine a five-pointed star floating through your cranial space in and around your brow area.

Then watch as that light travels through your skull and between your ears. Notice how you are feeling as these astral lights harmonize your body.

Most of the time, this part feels good.

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