Introducing a new journal: Diversity and Inclusion Research

Introducing a new journal: Diversity and Inclusion Research
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Delivery in 2023! Diversity and Inclusion Studies is an important new open-access, multidisciplinary journal publishing high-quality research aimed at improving diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility at the individual, organizational and societal levels. Published by Wiley, the journal aims to contribute to the deepening of domestic and international, theoretical and practical understanding of DE&I.

Rigorous research on inequality is increasingly needed. In more than two-thirds of countries, income inequality is increasing, increasing the risk of economic and social fragmentation. The United Nations’ World Social Report details how income disparities and a lack of identity-based opportunities are widening, creating a vicious cycle of inequality, frustration and discontent between generations. ​The challenge of inequality is global and closely related to other pressing issues of our time: rapid technological changes, climate crisis, urbanization and migration. There has never been a more critical time for focused diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) research. ,

As an answer, Diversity and Inclusion Studies aims to provide a single outlet for a global community of researchers, social scientists, educators, and policymakers attempting to disentangle the complex determinants of inequality across disciplines and sectors. We aim to publish high-quality research from all disciplines that examines issues of opportunity, inequality, diversity, access and inclusion related to gender, ethnicity, class, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and other issues. forms of inequality and protected properties. We also encourage research that is specifically relevant to opportunities for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will consider submissions of empirical, theoretical and methodological articles, as well as new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, case reports, data reports, state of the field’ and negative results.

The submission site is scheduled to be launched by 2023. September. Diversity and Inclusion Studies aims for author and reader convenience, fast review and publication times, and will adhere to a “free-form” submission process.​

Call the Editor-in-Chief(s).

Diversity and Inclusion Studies is seeking an Editor-in-Chief or Editor-in-Chief to lead the development of the magazine from launch in 2023. summer to the first year of his magazine. If you or someone you know is active in the DE&I space and is ready for a new and exciting challenge to work with us to create and publish a magazine, please get in touch. All information, here.

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