Is Your Heart Chakra Blocked? Take this quiz to find out

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Today I want to talk about something that can affect your relationships. Most notably your ability to be close to people, to trust someone you love and even prevent you from meeting your soulmate.

It’s called your heart chakra…

What are chakras?

But first I want to explain to you what chakras are…

You have 7 chakras that run along your spine. Each chakra correlates to a physical, spiritual, and emotional function of your body. Your 7 chakras reside in your energy body. Also called astral body.

Your heart chakra is part of your 7 chakras.

Your chakras can close, and when this happens your entire physical, spiritual, and emotional system can become unbalanced. Most people have a shutdown chakra system and they don’t even know it.

Everyone’s chakra shuts down around the age of 21.

When your chakras are shut down, you can feel a drop in energy, fatigue, feelings of insecurity, paranoia, a worry wart, embarrassment, and a whole host of other things.

You may feel these things for other reasons, but when I had my healing center in Mexico, I saw the symptoms magically disappear after a client balanced and realigned their chakras. I watched a 75-year-old woman who thought her lack of energy was from aging regain her strength. Feel like a teenager again

I wanted to briefly explain to you the importance of your chakra system, but for today I will only focus on your heart chakra.

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The meaning of your heart chakra

Your heart chakra is right in the middle of your body. It perfectly balances the world of matter (your bottom three chakras) with the world of spirit (your top three chakras).

A sign of a closed heart chakra is when you feel:


– Antisocial

– Cold

– shut down

– critical

– judging

– Lonely

– Isolated.

A closed heart chakra can be likened to being trapped in a homemade prison. It can feel really awful, like the whole world has gone gray and you can’t find the light switch.

When your heart chakra is open too wide

Sometimes when your heart is wide open, you can lack healthy boundaries and become involved in codependent relationships.

Since the heart chakra is about loving and being loved, it is how we build relationships. It is where we feel sadness, abandonment, fear of intimacy, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, isolation, and depression.

On the other hand, when it works properly, we also feel compassion, empathy, love, altruism, and peace.

The heart chakra is about giving and receiving love, your ability to be open and present with people, and your ability to be connected and comfortable with others.

So as you can see, paying attention to your heart chakra and making sure it is open and functioning properly is very important.

Take the heart chakra test

Here’s a test to see if your heart chakra is closed, too open, or completely closed:

1. Have you ever been afraid to wonder if someone you just met and liked will like you too?

2. Have you ever obsessed over someone you really care about?]

3. Have you ever met someone who acted perfectly at first but changed after a few weeks or months?

4. Have you ever felt like you “fell in love too quickly” with someone you liked?

5. Have you ever met someone you liked and you both fell in love very quickly?

6. Have you ever been in an unfulfilling relationship but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to leave?

7. Have you ever felt like you got too emotional when you liked someone?

8. Have you ever revealed your feelings to someone you only dated for a few months?

9. Have you ever secretly considered marrying someone after only knowing them for a short time?

10. Do you ever meet the wrong people? Different face – but the same guy as before?

11. Have you ever lied about or downplayed problems in your relationship?

12. Have you ever felt that love might not be in sight in this life?

Rate yourself:

1. If you answered “yes” to 2 questions, your heart chakra is closed and needs to be balanced and opened.

2. If you answered “yes” to 4 to 6 questions, your heart chakra is open too wide and needs realigning and rebalancing.

3. If you answered yes to 6 or more questions, you need a full chakra balance.

To find out what can be done to repair and heal your heart chakra, click here to fill out my psychic reading form and someone will get back to you promptly!

Important information to know

Your heart chakra is located at what I call the seat of your soul. It is such an important chakra to take care of because it deals with emotions that live in the deepest parts of your soul. It’s about love and things that feel deep in your heart. And since love is one of your 5 basic needs, it’s an important part of who you are.

This is why love can hurt so much sometimes, because love and pain are two of the few emotions that are felt in the deepest parts of your soul.

If you have a blocked heart chakra, an open chakra, or need full balancing, I can discuss what you need with you by clicking here to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, or my office directly at 614-444 Call -6334.

This meS NOT something you want to ignore!

I hope you found this information helpful!

In light, peace and love,

Tana Hoi

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