Leo Season Daily Focus: July 23-29

Leo Season Daily Focus: July 23-29
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Here’s how to make the most of Leo season

Leo season is here and with it comes all the passion, heat and excitement of summer. It’s easy to think of Leos as attention seekers, but the world needs people who are willing to take the spotlight and fight for what they believe in.

Leos love going to parties, meeting new people, exploring elegance, and catching other people’s eyes. However, they are also very down to earth. As people born under a fixed zodiac sign, Leos know what they want, even if it changes from moment to moment. They are friends you want by your side. You want them to stand up for you, for their values, and for the whole world. This Leo season, focus on how you can use your voice, your passion, and your sense of showmanship to do good, protect others, and create the world you want to see.

Saturday 23rd July

“Leos are fierce, loyal, and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.”

Leos are largely defined by their loyalty, much like a lion protector. They are both wild and willing to face danger for the people they love. Having a Leo by your side is something to be proud of, and while under this fiery sign you may find yourself acting as a protector, standing up for yourself and others.

Sunday 24th July

“Leo, a firm sign, will tell it like it is. They have no problem being blunt and honest because authenticity is important to them.”

While the other fire signs can be a bit flighty, Leo is steady. However, their steadfastness should not be confused with stoicism or reserve. They are constantly pushing social boundaries and staying true to themselves. Some people might think this is self-centered, but putting yourself first is admirable.

Monday 25 July

“Leo is ruled by the sun. Both the sign and the planet symbolize warmth and activity. They are connected to the material, the masculine and the tangible.”

Leo season arrives in summer and takes us through its peak. It is there when the sun is high and bright, and it continues into the golden arc of its eventual descent. Leo season embodies the warmth, energy and spirit of summer. This is the time for luxury, entertainment, travel and financial spending. The Sun likes the material and the physical, and so does Leo.

Tuesday, July 26th

“Leos are known for wanting to be the center of attention, and while this trait can be unnerving in certain contexts, Leo’s ability to center themselves is a potentially valuable asset for tasks like advocating for social movements that leading creative projects and much more to advance in their careers.”

This season of Lions, challenge yourself to be in the spotlight and use it to your advantage. what are you burning for How do you implement changes? How do you inspire others? You can do this on a small or large scale. Maybe you’re just trying to boost the morale of the people in your office. Perhaps you are facing a friend or family member who was unkind. Perhaps you are using your voice to advocate for the change you believe in. Leo season is the time to shout and be heard.

Wednesday July 27th

“Like all zodiac signs, Leo knows what they want. They may seem enigmatic or insouciant to the casual observer, but more often than not, Leo has a plan that makes sense only to them, and that’s all that matters.”

Leos are a bit messy on the outside. They seem to move from idea to idea, party to party, adventure to adventure. But where Sagittarius might be swept away, or Aries would learn by doing, Leos have a method to their madness. They’re better planners than they admit, which makes them so spectacular. This is the season to reach for your dreams. You just have to put in the work to get there.

Thursday 28 July

“When it comes to the fire signs, Aries wants to try new things, Sagittarius wants to explore new places, and Leo wants to create a whole new world—and they have the power to do it.”

Leos are important manifestators. What they want to see, they create. This is a great opportunity to respond to this energy and use it to your advantage. The beauty of fire signs lies in their creativity, so Leo season is a wonderful time to explore your passions, artistic inclinations, and eccentric interests.

Friday 29th July

“Leo season is above all a great time to have fun.”

With everything going on in the world, it’s important to find time to just relax, enjoy, and laugh. It’s nice to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun, the company of good friends and the little adventures that life brings.

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