Libra Luck: Symbols and Items to Look For

Libra Luck: Symbols and Items to Look For
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How does your zodiac sign affect your happiness?

Most people know their zodiac sign, but did you know that your zodiac sign also affects your happiness? Luck is a great addition to the zodiac’s many gifts. The fall (or fall) equinox marks the end of summer and almost perfectly coincides with the start of Libra season! While the battle between darkness and light can be difficult for some, the balanced Libra has little trouble walking this path. With the arrival of Libra, let’s explore some of the key symbols and items that bring luck to Libra.

What brings luck to the Libra

Libra’s innate sense of diplomacy often makes her the focus of the party. However, this is not in a heated, passionate way like the extroverted Aries and Leos. Instead, the scales practice tact and artistry. Calm and collected, they are a friend to everyone. Libras are generally non-confrontational and self-sacrificing, which helps them to charm themselves out of any situation. In fact, much of Libra’s happiness can be attributed to their ability to have positive interactions with a wide variety of people.

lucky numbers

2, 7 and 1

Lucky Gem

Libra’s lucky gemstones are Opal and Turquoise.

Happy Days

Sunday and Monday

Happy Colors

Libra’s lucky colors are white, orange and aquamarine.

Lucky tarot card

Since Libra is represented by Libra, it should come as no surprise that Justice is the tarot card that brings luck to Libra. Justice is one of the boldest cards and represents fairness and truth. It is also associated with ideas such as human rights and balanced karma. Additionally, the justice map speaks of being in touch with your higher self and prioritizing pathways that lead to a greater good.

Lucky Charms/Symbols

  • triangle
  • Crow
  • Balanced Libra

Lucky element

lucky plants

Things the Libra should avoid

  • Sacrificing too much to keep the peace
  • Signs that can threaten their calm, like Aries and Cancer

The happiest thing about the scales

Libras are acutely aware that every action has a consequence. Clever and intuitive, Libras are often able to choose the path with the happiest outcome. Libra’s tactful and resourceful nature is their happiest trait. Good luck comes from Libras from their ability to see things from a different perspective with empathy and fairness. As a result, Libras rarely find themselves without a cheap option.

How Libras can improve their luck

  • Practice self-care to recharge your batteries
  • Wear a triangle, especially as a pendant or necklace

The Beauty of Libra Luck

Libras are drawn to love and natural beauty, traits that are enhanced by their ruling planet, Venus. At its core, Libras have a desire to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Because of this tendency, Libras always have luck and karma on their side.

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