Make the most of Mercury retrograde this fall

Make the most of Mercury retrograde this fall
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Mercury retrograde in fall 2022

Most people automatically go into crisis mode when they hear that a planet is retrograde — but never more so than when the planet in question is Mercury. However, is Mercury retrograde as scary as people think? Yes, communications can go awry and electronics seem to have a mind of their own, but there are many positive things that happen when this planet spins backwards.

Of course, not all Mercury retrograde is created equal. For example, Mercury turning retrograde in Libra or during the Autumnal Equinox can be particularly concerning as it requires a period of balance and turns him on his ears. Unfortunately, this is the case for the approaching Mercury retrograde (which begins September 9th and lasts through October 1st). Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a negative experience, even if it is confusing.

A mantra for Mercury retrograde

The following quote from Elise Edwards is a great mantra to embrace during Mercury retrograde—and any retrograde, really: “A common way to make the most of retrograde energy is to engage in activities that start with “RE-“. Reorganize, reassess, restore, reflect, repair, revitalize, redirect and reconsider.”

Using this quote as a guide, it’s easy to see how this upcoming Mercury retrograde can be turned into a positive experience rather than something to fear. Go ahead and reorganize and declutter your home or work space so you can move forward with a clearer space and mind, or go ahead and revitalize a favorite hobby that you haven’t had time for in a while. Spend time thinking about what you need to be successful, and then be ready to implement those changes when Mercury becomes direct again.

Balance your life this fall

Mercury is all about communicating with other people and with the world in general. So when it’s retrograde, that focus turns inward. Instead of focusing on what you’re saying, focus on how you communicate and how to express yourself better so you’re understood more clearly.

It is also not surprising that people from your past appear during this period. Alternatively, you may be wondering about old loves and friends. Take the chance and grab it! You never know, they might think of you too. This can easily fit into the repair and reflect retrograde aspects. You may not be able to fix broken fences, but you can achieve some much-needed closure.

Take advantage of the equinox

As mentioned above, the autumnal equinox during this retrograde occurs on September 22nd. The equinox occurs twice a year and is traditionally celebrated as the time when day and night are equal, giving people a chance to focus on grounding and centering themselves before winter is coming.

Since Libra is the sign responsible for partnerships of all kinds, you may feel strained in your current relationships or weighed down by the stress of past dramas. Between the energies of the Mercury backspin and the Equinox’s penchant for balance, this is an excellent time to address unresolved issues in your personal life. However, do not think that this only affects personal relationships. This is also a great opportunity to get along better with co-workers and peers.

However, keep in mind that this is probably not a good time to implement major changes. Remember the “Re’s” above. By all means, take this opportunity to reflect, repair, and reconsider during these three weeks of Mercury retrograde in 2022, but wait to make things official until Mercury goes direct on October 2nd.

Use this fall’s retrograde trend to your advantage

This can also be a good time to get some reading so you can make sure you’re working on what’s really important. It can be easy to accidentally ignore the things you should focus on. You could connect with a numerologist to see which days are the most difficult for you, or perhaps speak to a Life Path reader to ensure you are walking towards your highest good.

However, as you approach this particular Mercury retrograde, remember that the universe really isn’t after you. It’s just that sometimes people need a little tough love to get where they’re supposed to be.

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