Mental Development Tarot Spread | Californian psychics

Mental Development Tarot Spread |  Californian psychics
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Does everyone have psychic abilities?

Yes, everyone has some level of psychic abilities. Intuition is a natural ability, although early in life it can be suppressed by authority figures who value only “logic.” In the western world, left-brain rationalism is valued higher than right-brain intuitive perception. Information that comes from a source that cannot always be verified and measured is therefore suspect. Nonetheless, whether you think of it as a psychic ability or something instinctive, our intuition has value.

Can psychic abilities be cultivated?

Absolutely, and we have many wonderful teachers of the mystical arts at our disposal. Studying with an experienced psychic is one way to blossom your psychic potential, and the internet has made this process a lot easier! When looking for a teacher, be sure to go with your gut and choose the one that feels best for you at the moment. Just remember that since spiritual development is an ongoing process, you will likely learn from many teachers.

However, if you are unsure of your spiritual abilities or whether you want or should develop them, you may want to seek further advice before making a decision. One way to gain insight into your psychic development is to consult the tarot and see what the cards say about your growth.

The Tarot and Psychic Abilities

There are several tarot cards that stand out as markers of psychic abilities. Here is an example of how a reading like this might go:

You might come to a reading and mention that you have remarkable dreams. The events in your dreams happen later in the outside world.

You keep experiencing synchronicities that are too frequent and meaningful to be coincidental. You hear, see and feel in a supernatural way and feel that your perception is amplified and accurate.

Well, if you experience something like this and then the High Priestess, the Hermit, the Moon, the Jester and the Hanged Man all show up in one reading at the same time, you are very likely being led into psychic territory!

Key cards for psychological development

These cards signal “the call” of intuition. The hermit, the magician, the high priestess and the star can all mean that Spirit and your higher self are working with you. They can teach you during sleep, meditation, or even normal waking consciousness.

This could indicate that the universe has a job for you; You may want to use your unique skills and abilities within a specific niche to help make the world healthier and happier.

The Sacred Tree: A Tarot Spread on Psychic Development

This is a 10 card card designed to answer if you are ready to develop your psychic abilities. If now isn’t a good time for you to focus on your intuitive development, that’s okay. You can “leave it on the bench” when your schedule settles down. There is always a choice.

If you wish to explore your psychic abilities and receive signs of Spirit, the Sacred Tree Spread can shed light on your spiritual development. It’s a simpler spread than the traditional Tree of Life spread, but it can be used to gain similar insights. It examines the soul and where the soul is going, but it takes into account all internal and external forces that help or hinder this process.

Shuffle well and randomly draw 10 cards from the deck and place them face down in a pattern resembling the leaves and branches of a tree. Use your intuition when deciding on the exact placement. Read the cards from left to right, starting at the top left and ending at the bottom right of the spread.

Let’s dive into an example of what a psychic evolution tarot spread might look like.

Card One: Do I Have Psychic Potential?

The High Priestess

Your intuition awakens like never before. Spiritual experiences become commonplace. It is time to develop your gift through guidance, meditation, prayer and visualization. Research different divination methods to see which ones resonate with you.

Card Two: How Do I Access Psychic Information?

The Queen/King of Chalices

You will be intuitive with your heart. Listening to Spirit will help you develop clairaudience, or the ability to hear the messages from your angels, guides, and higher powers. They are compassionate and gentle and can work in law, education, or any form of ministry. You are a born healer of emotions.

Card Three: What Skills Should I Develop?

The fool

Confidence and spontaneity are the most important things to learn. For now, put your “rational” mind aside and let your body relay its messages to you. Try new things and explore. Do you have a “beginner’s mind”. Keep an open and unbiased perspective.

Map 4: Where will this lead?


You will be rewarded with spiritual power for your work. The power of love over evil includes the mastery of fear. You become able to tame the ego, in yourself and in others. Your growing awareness will enable you to bring more good into the world.

Card Five: What is the biggest obstacle to my psychic growth?

Queen of Swords (reverse)

You may have been hurt by the criticism and harsh skepticism of others. You have internalized and developed a sense of perfectionism and set high standards for yourself. You have relied too much on your mind and neglected your heart as a result. Your challenge is to shift from fear to compassion, both towards other people and towards yourself.

Card Six: What is my greatest strength in psychic development?

the recluse

Your love of seclusion and solitude is your greatest asset. You can work in peace and with full concentration. You can rely on and believe the information you receive psychically. Your love of alone time is not a problem because you are also very loving. You can trust yourself and will emerge as a leader if you can walk through your emotional wilderness and find your way to the other side.

Card Seven: Where are my strengths taking me?

The hanged

You will find your greatest psychic strength through devotion. The more you do this, the clearer your psychic information and messages will become.

Card eight: What do I need for balance?

Three cups

Don’t forget to play and party with others! This will be necessary to balance your time in solitude. Find a group you can really trust and share your discoveries with them. Listen to their feedback with an open mind, but most importantly, learn to trust your perception.

Card Nine: Do I Have Other Psychic Development Benefits?

The moon

Your emotions are powerful. Let them advance your work and stay on track. Your dreams will give you much insight. Pay attention to their messages.

Card ten: What happens if I use these assets to the best of my ability?

The Wizard

You will master the art and science of psychic perception. By combining devotion and focus, you unlock arcane symbolism. You will use this knowledge and understanding to create your reality and help others to do the same.

Using Tarot to Evolve Spiritually

Tarot can be used both as a tool to recognize the presence of psychic abilities and as a way to develop them. By meditating on the essence and energy of individual tarot cards, you are systematically working on your body, mind and spirit.

The cards of the Major Arcana are particularly suitable for this work. As you gain further insight into your state of being, you may find that this path can help you increase both your wisdom and your intuitive abilities. Much luck!

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