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A tiny speck on your skin can be a telltale sign of something truly incredible.

If you look at a mole, you probably won’t see anything out of the ordinary. After all, a mole is just a harmless mark or discoloration on your skin…

…or is it?

As you delve deeper into this article, you’ll find that what looks like a common birthmark can actually give you a glimpse into your past lives.

Birthmarks are tattoos from past lives

Birthmarks are not just random spots on your body, they have significant meanings about your life in the past.

What if I told you that some birthmarks aren’t just random spots on a person’s body?

It may sound strange at first, but birthmarks have a deeper meaning that goes beyond this life.

Every human soul lived before the soul. Most likely you have been reincarnated many, many times.

Each time you are reborn into this world, you take on a new body…

…but some elements from a past life may reappear and leave stains on your skin.

Birthmarks are like tattoos from past lives – a permanent mark with a significant meaning from past lives you have lived before.

These birthmarks often stem from life-changing or traumatic events. A large amount of negative energy from a past life is attached to your soul and the same energy causes marks on your skin when you are reborn.

But how can past life events have a physical effect on the body?

The origin of birthmarks of past lives

The origin of past life birthmarks has caused much debate about past lives among the expert researchers and psychics of the world, but everyone agrees on one fundamental thing – past life energy causes birthmarks to form.

So, how are birthmarks from past lives formed?

There are many events that can cause past life moles to manifest in the next life, such as:

1. Physical trauma from past lives

An extremely stressful or life-threatening event can result in trauma. Traumatic experiences give off negative energy, which in turn settles in the soul.

Intense trauma makes the soul more vulnerable to negative energy, which allows physical wounds to invade the soul. These wounds are so deep that they would manifest in the same place in the next life.

For example, a person who died from a gunshot wound in a previous life has a birthmark in the exact same place where the bullet entered.

Many verified cases of past life birthmarks caused by trauma have been reported by Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia.

dr Stevenson studied children who remembered their past lives. He studied hundreds of cases and was able to directly link birthmarks to past life events.

He chose to work on cases that could only be verified with records of actual names, dates, and medical reports. dr Stevenson also documented cases from all corners of the world, and the information he gathered was both amazing and terrifying.

The remarkable boy from India

One of the most notable cases of Dr. Stevenson was that of a boy in India.

The boy said he knew he was the reincarnation of a certain Maha Ram and had such spectacularly vivid memories of his past life that Dr. Stevenson could confirm most of the boy’s stories, particularly the way the boy’s early life ended.

In one of his lengthy narratives, the boy said he died from gunshot wounds and that the white, round birthmarks on his chest were the gunshot wounds that fatally wounded him in his previous life.

Upon reviewing Maha Ram’s medical reports, it was found that the location of the boy’s birthmarks exactly matched the information on the report.

Even more interesting is that in Dr. In Stevenson’s other studies, past life wounds and birthmarks mostly appear in the same place, similar to the case of Maha Ram’s reincarnation.

2. Emotional trauma from past lives birthmark2

Your mole can also be a sign of emotional trauma you’ve had in the past.

Physical wounds are not the only traumas that leave their mark on the human soul. Emotional trauma can also leave traces that are carried over to the next life.

Birthmarks from emotional trauma can also appear on the body so that we can use this life to heal our past wounds.

An example of this is the birthmark of one of my customers. She has a birthmark on the fourth finger of her left hand and she told me that she felt something was unusual about her birthmark.

That’s right, her birthmark revealed a secret about her past life.

During a past life reading, we were able to uncover a very heartbreaking event in her life. She was supposed to get married, but the groom did not show up on the wedding day.

When she was abandoned in that past life, she became so unhappy and lonely that she decided never to be in a relationship again.

The birthmark on her ring finger was the manifestation of the emotional trauma she felt when she was abandoned on her wedding day. And in this life, she needed to heal from that past life trauma in order to escape the cycle of isolation and trust issues that affected her in this life as well!

Other manifestations of past life soul memory or negative energy

Aside from birthmarks, there are other ways a past life experience can make itself felt in this life.

Inexplicable pain

There are people who complain of chronic neck pain only to find that they were beheaded or hanged in a past life. Some who have suffered this grisly fate in a past life have also felt uncomfortable wearing anything around their necks, even necklaces or ties.


A phobia is an irrational and inexplicable fear of people, animals, objects, or circumstances. Some people suffer from phobias and spend their lives being overly afraid or even powerless to do anything about it in this lifetime.

If only they knew that there is a very good explanation for the fear they are experiencing and more importantly, that their fear can be managed.

You see, phobias are associated with soul memories of past life events. Simply put, the terror felt during a particular past life experience was so strong that it could still be felt in this life.

One of my clients had an extreme fear of flying. During a past life reading session, we discovered that her fear of airplanes stemmed from the fact that she died in a plane crash in a past life.

skin depressions

Do you have a rough spot on your skin that doesn’t change even after you’ve tried everything to smooth it out? There are past life experiences that manifest as skin depressions and become grooves or depressions in the skin.

Skin depression is associated with past life illnesses such as chickenpox, smallpox, or with injuries that were not fatal but were significant enough to be embedded in your soul memory.

Usually there is something else you need to learn from your past life experiences and the skin depression you have is a memory.

cysts or lumps birthmark3

Cysts or lumps can be an indication of a serious illness you had in your past life.

If you have cysts or lumps that cannot be medically explained, this could be another clue to your past life.

Cysts or lumps are usually a sign of a serious illness from a past life. Those who have been victims of the plague or who have suffered from leprosy in a past life often have cysts or nodules.

How to reconnect with a past life memory and find soul healing

There is nothing random about birthmarks from past lives. Every mole has a meaning – its size, texture and location all have a unique story to tell.

If a soul has not had sufficient time between incarnations to properly heal from the traumatic experience, birthmarks will appear on the body to represent these “immortal” wounds.

A birthmark allows your soul to reconnect with a past affliction so that the negative energy—along with all the hurt and pain from a past life experience—can finally be healed and released.

To start the healing process, a past life reading can help you understand the root cause of the negative energy that caused your mole to appear.

Are you ready to heal your soul?

During a past life reading I can search for the source of the negative energy or painful past life memory. Once we have identified the source, you can begin the psychic healing process and release the negative energy associated with your mole.

To schedule this special healing session you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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