Morning Prayer of Gratitude – Amanda Linette Meder

Morning Prayer of Gratitude - Amanda Linette Meder
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Need a few words of gratitude and appreciation?

Gratitude is a mental state of appreciation and gratitude for the environment around you.

being thankful is a feeling you emanate when you hold this state of appreciation and gratitude. It can be felt by you as well as by others if you carry it in your heart.

When you feel gratitude for people, things, and situations, and identify which people, things, and situations bring you the greatest feelings of gratitude, you naturally begin to attract more of them into your life.

Think of it this way.

Imagine telling someone you really like frogs and they can see that from the frog statues you have in your house.

As your next birthday present, you might receive a frog tea towel set or a frog statue.

Someone might clean out their attic and remember you like frogs and give you a box of their old frog-themed watches and t-shirts.

Another person can go to heaven, and their relatives can clean up their belongings. On this day, the relatives are thinking of you when they come across the Swarovski crystal frog collection, which now needs a new home.

Next thing you know, if you were going to choose that life path, you have enough frog paraphernalia to open a frog retail business.

When others can easily discern what you value by seeing you express gratitude for certain things, both those in your physical soul group and those on your spiritual team who are watching over you will want to flow into that healthy state of appreciation .

When others give you things they know you’re grateful for, they feel valued, which is a good feeling. When you get what you value, you feel good. This creates a positive feedback loop, so keep going.

In other words, the more you recognize and express what you are grateful for, the more of it you generally get. How fun is that?

Wouldn’t it be nice to start each day by asking for more of what you’re grateful for in order to get more of it?

If you make a habit of being thankful for things in the morning before you start other tasks, you’ll bring your mood to a point where you’re naturally primed to notice things you appreciate, which makes you feel more grateful for that day.

When you have things in your life that you love and know you’re grateful for, life generally feels more fulfilling.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more fulfilled, even if you’re already quite fulfilled?

So to start the day with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and to bring a more fulfilled feeling into this life, let’s say a prayer.

A prayer is nothing more than an intention to summon a specific energy or set of ideas — meaning you don’t have to identify with any religion to say one. All you need is an open heart and a willingness to set an intention for your future.

Exhale and let’s say a morning prayer of gratitude –

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