My latest psychic predictions for August 2022

My latest psychic predictions for June 2022
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Here are my psychic predictions for August 2022. Due to all the crazy events happening around the world, we are going to have a lot of surprises ahead.


A Hollywood couple gives birth to twins. Fans will flatter these beautiful newborns and claim they look angelic!

The Kardashians are about to face a major scandal that will make many of their fans pause and wonder “what’s really going on here.” Details of the scandal will be shocking, but the Kardashians will try to sweep it under the rug as no big deal!

A famous singer has been accused of inappropriately touching women. Some women will come forward and claim they were raped. His lawyers will deny any wrongdoing, but eventually he will be found guilty. Flashbacks from Bill Cosby!

A Hollywood couple is blessed with twins. Fans will swoon at these adorable new babies and say they will have the faces of angels! These twins will be all the rage in the media


The United States will begin to see subtle signs that a monarchical government is beginning to form. Unless citizens act quickly and without delay, within 7 years the US will be a total monarchy. The person elected as the next US President will determine this.

The unexpected deaths of some US judges will cause political chaos and strife as the opposing party seek to block appointments ahead of the next election. These attempts to block it will be unsuccessful and restore the balance before the US Supreme Court.

The assassination of another foreign official will once again make international headlines. The people of this country will be outraged and shocked, which will lead to stricter laws being enacted in this country.

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As scientists begin to study the possibilities of life on other planets, as well as the existence of various forms of extraterrestrial life, space exploration will unearth even deeper mysteries!

Research into healthy gut bacteria will show that people with unhealthy gut bacteria have a direct link between cancer and other diseases. While people with healthy gut bacteria will have fewer of these health problems.

Secretions from a certain species of snail are found to have extremely beneficial healing properties for various types of skin rashes and diseases. Tests will confirm that it is particularly helpful for eczema and psoriasis.

Space exploration will uncover even deeper mysteries as scientists will begin to explore not only the possibility of life on other planets, but also the existence of different species of extraterrestrial life!

health and medicine

The discovery of a specific combination of herbs that can naturally and safely induce an abortion is being used by many women in the United States. Possession is not illegal, it will cause outrage on both sides of this issue. Since these are common herbs, attempts to make these herbs illegal will fail.

Water fasting, once practiced in the 1930s but now abandoned due to advances in medicine, is revived and found to have significant healing and health benefits for many serious diseases once thought to be incurable Has.

Pig-to-human heart transplants are being tried and eventually found to be functional alternatives for people with heart disease.

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love and relationships

Teens who belong to religions that forbid sex before marriage will create even more opportunities to have sex while still technically chaste. Secret websites are created with underground videos showing other teenagers how to perform these acts.

This month will be a good month for all 12 signs when it comes to meeting your soulmate. But it will be especially good for the Libra, Virgo, Scorpio and Leo zodiac signs. Make sure to get out there more and put yourself in situations where you can mingle!

All proposals adopted this month are long-term, one-time commitments. But only accept it if you feel the same way deep in your soul, otherwise it will take less than 3 years.


US Stock Exchange

As European markets begin to experience significant volatility, more and more European investors will start investing in the US stock market.

More and more European investors will put their money into the US stock market as they will see their European stocks start to have extreme volatility. This will help the US economy in many unexpected ways!

While various cryptocurrencies have seen their prices drop, the most popular ones will recover in leaps and bounds within a few months, making many investors very wealthy!

The price of gold will fluctuate up and down making it a very risky investment at this point. Anyone who invests heavily in gold should keep a constant eye on their investments and make sure they are taking the right steps.


Texas will be hit hard by severe weather swings going from extreme highs to extreme lows! The weather will be so bad in parts of this state that ministers will wonder if this is a sign of the end of times.

Northern parts of Europe will experience amazing weather that will break records in parts of this continent for some of the best weather in over 50 years!

Parts of Africa will experience severe droughts. Despite this dire situation, the government in these areas will react very slowly. Although avoidable, several lives will be lost and many people will suffer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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