My latest psychic predictions for February 2022

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Here is my first set of monthly predictions for 2022.

Numerologically, three 2s in the date (2022) make this a year where you can expect the unexpected.

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Virtual reality concerts will become more and more popular in the future.

A new type of entertainment will replace “real” entertainment as we know it. We will see that virtual reality concerts are becoming more and more the “in” thing. These concerts will be live, but the singer, actor or speaker will be an avatar that we see with virtual reality glasses.

A popular singer is about to make a bizarre announcement that will not only surprise her fans, but also make people ask, “What the hell were you thinking announcing something like that?”

Another well-known Hollywood figure will reveal that they are transgender. Huge support will follow and they will later reveal that they never thought they would receive so much love and support from everyone!


An ex-US President will use inflammatory language about the upcoming election, and if he doesn’t use good judgment in his choice of words, he could cause World War III to start.

Egypt will face political unrest in the country which will result in the possible overthrow of its government. Expect a lot of chaos and strife to develop in this country.

An international spy ring is uncovered and it is discovered that those involved have leaked a lot of confidential information that could harm the countries they leaked information about.

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electric vehicle
As technology advances, more and more competitors will enter the electric vehicle industry.

A new kind of warfare is being developed in the scientific community. Some will say that these new developments are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb and should never be used in any type of warfare!

As technology advances, more and more competitors will enter the electric vehicle market. But Tesla will continue to lead and continue to be the world leader in electric cars.

A new type of test will be in the works, called a new type of DNA test. These new tests will benefit many areas of science, crime prevention and genetic cloning.

health and medicine

Developing new drugs to combat the many strains of COVID will be an uphill battle. In order to combat them in the long term, new vaccines such as the flu vaccine have to be developed every year

New information is released surrounding COVID-19 and its many variants, causing people to feel outraged and misled.

A new drug is being developed that successfully eliminates or completely cures a common type of cancer. It’s hailed as a miracle cure!

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love and relationships

Many couples may feel a renewed sense of intimacy, love, and excitement in their relationships.

Expect this month to be a month of misunderstandings between those you love and those you care about. Between February 15th, pay extra attention to the things you say and choose your words carefullyth and February 28thth to avoid any conflict.

Cheating will be on the rise in all new relationships this month. Don’t rush things with someone you meet this month. Instead, tread carefully until this month is completely over.

Many couples will experience a renewed sense of closeness, love and joy between them. Expect this month to be the start of new intimacy and some extra hot bedroom time!


A major market crash will hit the US stock market, but those who are safe won’t be as badly affected. Recovery is quick for those who diversify in the right places.

Virtual reality-related companies will be the next biggest stocks to own. VR, as it’s commonly called, will be the next big thing within 5 years or less. Choose wisely when investing in any of these companies.

New types of meat and sugar substitutes will be all the rage. Investing in the right meat and sugar substitute companies will be profitable over the long term for astute investors.


Storms and other catastrophic weather events will befall Poland. Several lives will be lost, making it feel like the Book of Revelation is beginning in this land.

Rome is going to experience the worst weather ever! There will be great damage in this city, and as a result of this terrible weather, some religious relics dear to many devotees will be destroyed beyond repair.

I had previously predicted the severe weather we are currently experiencing in various parts of the US and this severe weather will continue and in some areas even worsen!

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