My latest psychic predictions for July 2022

My latest psychic predictions for June 2022
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Here are my latest psychic predictions for July 2022.

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A new star is born on America’s Got Talent. This person who will go on to become more famous than any other singer who has ever been on the show.

A gay sex scandal will rock the names of two famous male celebs! While the allegations against her are denied. Many people will realize that the prosecutors’ claims about what happened are too bizarre for anyone to invent just to gain publicity!

A Hollywood celebrity who campaigns for everyone’s rights has been blasted with homophobic and racist remarks. This leaked recording will end her career almost overnight!

A new star is born on America’s Got Talent. This person who will go on to become more famous than any other singer who has ever been on the show.


Troubles in Russia will unfold. Putin is being seen less and less as his health problems worsen. Russia will try to cover up its health problems by saying that its lack of visibility is due to something else and that its health is perfectly fine.

China will take some bold steps regarding its territorial sea borders. China will try to push the expansion of those limits when it comes to planes from other countries, but those other countries will fight back.

A new war will break out in one part of the world that will surprise many people. Although many countries around the world will fear the effects of this war, it will be short-lived and peace will reign there again.

There will be a major plane crash that will unfortunately kill several people. There will be very few survivors. As details emerge about the cause of the crash, it will emerge that it could have been prevented altogether.

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A new planet is being discovered and scientists will be amazed by its Earth-like properties!

A new type of face mask is being invented that feels like not wearing one. It is said to offer better protection than all others and when you breathe it will feel like you have no mask on at all!

A new planet is being discovered and scientists will be amazed by its near-Earth-like conditions! There are many theories that human-like beings could live here. The planet is continuously surveyed and observed for all types of flying objects, as well as signs of vegetation.

Conversations about human cloning will circulate in the scientific community. These talks will be kept secret for a long time, but eventually they will become public. Public outrage will follow!

health and medicine

Monkeypox will only be the beginning of new diseases! There will be the discovery of a new disease that originated in Texas and will only spread to the southern states. It is thought to come from horses and hay.

A common fruit is found to have possible cancer-preventing properties. Studies on people who include large amounts of this fruit in their diet show that they rarely, if ever, develop cancer. The results of this study will be very promising!

The rise of a disease once thought to be eradicated will reemerge. Vaccines that have been effective against this virus for years will no longer be effective. Panic around the world will stop!

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love and relationships

Threesomes are becoming the new thing among tweens and young adults. More and more often you see pairs of three holding hands or walking arm in arm. Surprisingly, this new “carefree love” will be particularly pronounced in Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and even Georgia. Ministers in these states will go through the roof!

Marriages abroad will increase among older men. Some of these men will import brides from the Philippines, Mexico and China who are as young as 18. The organizers of these honeymoons will defend their business with the slogan “Love knows no age limit”.

This month there will be an increase in marriage proposals. People who get involved may be surprised that this is the month they get the question! So if you’re hoping for a ring anytime soon, this might be the month to get it!


Gold, diamonds, platinum and silver will all remain expensive.

The stock market will remain stable regardless of market fluctuations. In the end it will all turn out to have balanced out and been very profitable even for experienced and smart investors.

The Japanese yen will fall sharply, sending the stock market crashing. But it will bounce back and those who are smart about how to deal with this “crash” will reap huge profits from this “apparent” financial disaster!

Gold prices will remain high, along with diamonds, platinum and silver. Some commodities will not perform as well as hoped, while others will perform better than expected.


Weather disasters will hit parts of the southern US, parts of Europe and the continent of Asia! Hungary and Russia will also be badly affected by bad weather. Many lives will be lost as a result!

Hawaii will experience the best weather ever (if that’s even possible!). Older residents will enjoy the most perfect weather they can ever remember. Tourism will continue to increase during this period!

Smog conditions in China are becoming a major concern for a country that already has serious smog problems. Respiratory diseases will increase among people in big cities, and crops in more rural areas will also be affected.

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