My latest psychic predictions for March 2022

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Here are my latest monthly predictions for 2022.

Numerologically, the 2 energy reinforces these predictions and the impact they will have as this month has two 2’s in the date (2022).

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In her sleep, a well-known international personality will die out peacefully.

An international name will perish peacefully in her sleep. This will come as a surprise to many people due to the age and health of this well known person.

Bill Cosby will be back in the news as some unexpected women emerge with new evidence. Though he will avoid jail time.

The remake of an old sitcom from the 70’s or 80’s is going to be a hit! The show will return with a brand new cast, although there will be occasional cameos from some of the original cast members.


Prince Andrew is finally stripped of his royal status for good and faces a long prison sentence! He will continue to protest his innocence.

Donald Trump faces criminal charges for investigations by the FBI. Some will claim that he will be punished or tricked, while others will claim that justice will be served.

A scandal will erupt in Egypt alleging that foreign governments are using secret prisons to hold suspected criminals. These claims are disputed but later found to be true!

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In the scientific community, signs of extraterrestrial life are becoming a more serious concern.

A new type of flying automobile made for long distances will be in the works. By that time it will be unlike anything else as it will eventually have the ability to fly at speeds in excess of 200 MPH.

Robo Cops are closer than you might think. The first robo cops are to be tested in China and parts of Africa, among other places. Several human rights groups will be totally against their use!

Signs of extraterrestrial life are becoming a more serious issue in the scientific community. The first actual evidence of human-like life on other planets is about to come to light. Although it will remain hidden from the public for a long time, this information will eventually leak out!

health and medicine

We will hear about plants that have been genetically engineered to contain drugs for certain diseases that are under investigation. Instead of taking a pill, you can use these plants to make a salad you can eat with various pants modified to contain medicine.

The development of a new device that will replace the cardiac pacemaker is announced. It will be a few years before it’s available, but it will be superior to anything we’ve ever seen before!

The COVID virus will become like a common cold. Although in the next 20 years all strains of it will disappear completely and eventually COVID will be a thing of the past.

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love and relationships

This is a good month to start a new relationship. All relationships started this month have a high chance of lasting for life. In other words, soulmate relationships are being built this month!

Sexual energy will be strong this month so expect to turn up the heat in your relationship. Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn will be particularly boisterous this month! The 18thth23approx and 28th will be extra “hot” days!

Several babies are due this month so if you don’t want a baby make sure you use extra protection! Protecting just one partner may not be enough!


Tesla will continue to lead the electric vehicle business, and its stock will continue to rise.

The stock market will do better than ever! Many investors will see huge gains in their portfolios, allowing multiple people to retire earlier than expected!

Certain large computer company stocks will rise this year. Although many people will think that certain stocks couldn’t go higher, the rise in certain stock prices will surprise even seasoned investors!

Electric car stocks will continue to rise and Tesla will remain the leader in the electric car industry. Other electric car makers will try to find recognition at the same level, but they won’t do as well as Tesla for a few more years.


A massive weather catastrophe will wipe out a city in the United States. Multiple lives will be lost and it will be worse than the hurricane Katrina disaster that struck New Orleans in 2005.

Large tornadoes will sweep across parts of Ohio, Texas and Indiana, causing some of the worst destruction in those states’ history. Multiple lives and houses will be lost!

Parts of Africa will suffer major weather disasters, including Uganda, Ethiopia and parts of South Africa.

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