Prayer for strength in difficult times – Amanda Linette Meder

Prayer for strength in difficult times - Amanda Linette Meder
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The last 2.5 years have been quite challenging.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the operation of all things and changed the world as we knew it.

Then the war between Ukraine and Russia began. Then began the rapid price inflation and subsequent rate hikes.

Even if you’re already in your post-COVID-19 recovery phase, when costs are rising along with global instability, it seems to add an extra level of whitewater to everything.

Some days navigating life feels like trying to dock a watercraft in Class 4 Advanced Rapids, on tougher days it feels like Class 5 Expert Rapids – long, intense, potentially dangerous.

Western River Expeditions takes a more relaxed view, calling Class 4 “Thrills at the cost of skill” and Class 5 “No guts, no glory and oh, it’s glorious!”

In the flow of life, Class 4 or 5 may not feel exciting and glorious, but it’s all about perspective.

You may have experienced or are currently experiencing Class 6, the most progressive rapids of any life experience.

The jokes about the Western River Expeditions experience stop there and they call this stage “Just Don’t.”

Raftmasters (linked above) calls Class 6 rapids extreme if not new and exploratory waters, on the verge of death risk.

The margin for error once you hit class 6 whitewater rapids is zero, these waters are extremely unpredictable and dangerous.

Firstly, if you’re feeling like “class 6 rapids” in your life, congratulations. I’m impressed you woke up today.

you are a warrior You’re still breathing, you’re still above the grass, you’re still connected to the internet. Maybe later, after you’ve had some rest, you can show me your ways.

Second, everyone seems to pray when the going gets tough.

It doesn’t matter whether they belong to a religion, consider themselves religious, or describe themselves as nihilists.

Anyone can get a little spiritual when times get tough.

When times get tough, it’s the perfect time to say a prayer. Prayers do no harm and can only help.

Prayers are just mental intentions that you can repeat mentally so that no one but yourself ever needs to know about them.

It’s words you say that can encourage a purposeful, purposeful focus, perhaps an otherworldly attention, on specific areas.

I think of prayers like an Ave Maria pass in football. Hail Mary Passes are long passes with little chance of success, but they can be successful.

If you would like to offer a prayer for strength to get through all of life’s fast paces that you are experiencing, please take a moment to take three deep breaths in and out.

When your legs are crossed, lift them up and place your hands at your sides, palms up.

Scroll down for a prayer for strength –

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